Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Welcome to Interfaith Community Sanctuary!


Members who choose to gather together around areas of passionate interest and inspired service are invited to create a Cooperation Circle to focus upon a specific endeavor.

All Cooperation Circles report to the GC and their individual purpose is in alignment with the Interfaith Community Sanctuary Vision, Mission and Goal.

There is also a Ministerial Circle, comprised of our ministers, Jamal Rahman and Karen Lindquist, supported by Associate Ministers, who serve in unison with the Guiding Council -- but with a specific focus to reflect, contemplate, protect and preserve the spiritual core of our community.

United Religions Initiative Circle
Members of Interfaith Community Sanctuary co-created a URI Cooperation Circle in 1999 and signed the URI Charter in 2000.

We participate in an annual fall interfaith-interspiritual gathering where, in a spirit of celebration and prayer, we share a story, song, prayer or poem. We continue a tradition begun in 1986 by The Interfaith Network (then it was The Interfaith Council of WA.)

For several years we offered an annual public gathering at Green Lake with music, song, chant followed by a walk around Green Lake for 12 years. This was a popular and well attended gathering. We had had many titles for the gathering, most recently: Walking Meditation ~ Creating a Culture of Peace. We also held a pre-event dialogue at the library across from the park in partnership with Northwest Interfaith Community Outreach and Compassionate Action Network (now Cal of Compassion NW).

We also celebrate annually a vigil for International Day of Peace.