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stevec.gifMy Journey to Interfaith

Although I was unaware of it at the time, I received my first gift from God through the love of my parents. They gave me a safe place from which I could peacefully enter the world. I will always be grateful to them.

My first independent spiritual experience occurred around the age of six or seven. We lived in the country and I had the opportunity to play in fields and forests by our house. I remember a feeling of wonderment as I saw the incredible diversity of life, all interwoven along with the wind and sun. This feeling has stayed with me throughout my life. It's meaning has deepened as I have matured through my experiences.

My father was an agnostic. My mother was a non-denominational Christian and practiced a simple faith of love and doing the right thing. She read bible stories to me and taught me to pray. We did not attend church regularly although I did attend a few bible classes at our local church and was confirmed as a Christian at the age of sixteen. I can't remember whether being confirmed was my idea or hers.

I began to question some parts of the bible in my late teens. I could not understand why God would create us, find us unacceptable, and then flood the world to start over only to achieve the same result as before. I also could not understand why our creator would require the sacrifice of a perfect being to wash away our imperfection in order to accept us. We come into this world
in such utter ignorance that it is simply an impossible task to be perfect while learning what it means to be loving and good. My experience and understanding of God does not align with these ideas and as a result, I quit thinking of myself as a Christian.

My experience of God can best be described as "everything is connected to everything". You are my sister or brother and I am the same to you. The realization of God's unity forms the lens through which I view life and provides the foundation from which I make decisions in all the situations I find myself in. Of course there are times when I am distracted and forget God's unity.
In the aftermath, I ask for forgiveness and once again breathe in the unity and love of God. There are times when I am unsure of which path to take, I do my best and learn.

I was searching the web for interfaith discussion groups and came across "The Interfaith Community Sanctuary". The concept of an interfaith church intrigued me and I decided to attend a service. I found a community of fellowship dedicated to peace and worship that was free of dogmatic doctrine. I feel that there are as many paths to God as there are beings to travel them. Our church supports all people who take part in the realization of God's unity in all its many

If you are interested in the nature and expression of my faith you can go to the following link.

Steve Crawford