Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Welcome to Interfaith Community Sanctuary!

Intra-faith Muslim Gathering
An invitation to all Muslims & Friends
to come to know one another,
promote unity, and collaborate on projects
of social justice and earth care.

Sunday December 6th 
3:00 — 5:00pm

Light refreshments will be served.


Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd Street,
Ballard, 98107

“And hold fast to the Rope of Allah, and be not divided amongst yourself.” ~ Quran 3:103
“Come out of the circle of time and enter the Circle of Love.” ~ Rumi

With heart-felt joy we look forward to your presence,
Imam Jamal Rahman Rev. Karen Lindquist.


View videos created by Phil Gerson at  our
Sunday November 1st gathering:

Muslim Intrafaith Dialogue Commitment Total Integrated

Global Rally for Humanity Supporting our Muslim Brothers and Sisters




Healing the Divide

Through friendship and collaborative programs, we work together to heal the pain of separation between Shia and Sunni Muslims that has festered for centuries in small and large ways


Jamal Rahman
co-founder and co-minister at Interfaith Community Sanctuary. Teacher and author of several books.

Mohammad Fani
Mohammad Fani is the Director of Interfaith Dialogue at the Cascadia center at Camp Brotherhood and a member of the scriptural reasoning at Seattle University. He believes the purpose of interfaith is not to resolve theological issues or to minimize them but rather it is to raise awareness about the dignity of difference.. He can be reached at