Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Welcome to Interfaith Community Sanctuary!

As a community,
we endeavor to live in the openness of heart
and compassionate understanding
that embraces all life.

As a spiritual organization,
we are collectively organized to thrive through
listening, sharing, and caring for one another.

As individuals in awe of the Divine,
we support and respect  one another’s
personal spiritual path and spiritual practices.

Our mission
to create a home of Love and Truth as a center of Light for all seekers of Divine Wisdom.
Our goal
to encourage personal growth in unconditional spiritual Love.

Our Vision
We are a truly interfaith community dedicated to healing and education.
We desire our Worship Celebrations and the life of the community to reflect our interfaith openness and welcoming spirit.
Through our openness, welcoming spirit, and mutual respect, we are a center for healing.

Believe Interfaith Includes the Following:
We consider all faith and spiritual traditions as paths toward One God.
We believe each expression of God valuable.
We honor all expressions of God.
We welcome individuals from all faith and spiritual traditions.
We consider each person’s path valid for him or her.
We honor the personal path of each sincere, open, honest seeker.

We Offer the Following Affirmations:
We seek the truth and speak our truth without fear.
We are open to hearing and learning from each other.
We reflect on our interfaith vision and nurture it in our hearts.
We pray for the realization of our interfaith vision!

Our Mission and Goal was written during a minister's retreat early in the year of 1998.
Our Vision was written throughout the summer of 2000. We held weekly dialogues to discover what kind of spiritual community we desired to co-create. The result was Our Vision.

The words at the top of the page were written by Rev. Karen Lindquist.

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