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About Ministerial Associates within Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Ministerial Associates are long term members of Interfaith Community Sanctuary (generally over ten years) who have shown dedication and aptitude toward ministry in the care for others, in service, and study of the world's religions.

Interfaith Community Sanctuary ministers, Karen Lindquist and Jamal Rahman prayerfully select individuals from our community to work side by side with us in holding the spiritual wellbeing of the community and exemplifying interfaith values.

Individuals called to Associate Ministry have distinguished themselves in their service to the community and their deep spirituality. We choose dedicated souls whose calling to ministry and service to our community is profound and lasting. 

Associate Ministers work closely with the ministers and the Guiding Council assisting members of our community in a variety of ways while discovering their own unique interfaith ministry. 

Together we strive to fulfill the Vision, Mission and Goals as collectively stated by the congregation and reflect a positive voice and image for interfaith understanding in the world.