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Associate Minister (Emeritus)

David Heitmiller

David Heitmiller has worked in the corporate world, co-authored a book on simple living and financial integrity (Getting a Life, Penguin 1999), been an activist and spokesperson for simple and sustainable living, owned and operated his own business and been an active member of the Interfaith Community Sanctuary (ICS) for over fifteen years. At ICS he has served in a variety of roles including building and facilities manager, treasurer and president of the Guiding Council. He has a B.A. in history.

David was raised as a protestant Christian but abandoned that faith at age 18. For several decades he wandered the world without any spiritual grounding or home (Read the details of David’s Spiritual Journey. )

David has no specialized training or formal education in any spiritual tradition. He is a self-taught Interfaith Minister blending the wisdom and teachings he has found in all the world’s spiritual paths and religions. He believes in a universal, divine spirit or power that many people call God but recognizes that God has many names and has had many representatives or prophets over the ages.. He believes that our purpose in life is to serve God in some unique way and that it is our “job” here on earth to discover what that way is.

David was called as an Associate Minister in January 2012. After serving as AM for almost 5 years, David retired from active ministry in October of 2016 but remains an active member of ICS and continues to maintain our historic building.

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ABOUT Ministerial Associates of Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Ministerial Associates are long term members of ICS who have shown dedication and aptitude toward ministry in the care for others, in service, and study of the world's religions.

Associate Ministers work closely with the ministers of Interfaith Community Sanctuary, Karen Lindquist, Jamal Rahman and  Rev. Debra Lajimodiere (emeritus).Ministerial Associates also work closely with the Guiding Council and the membership as well as to discover their own unique interfaith ministry.

Together we strive to fulfill the Vision, Mission and Goals as collectively stated by the congregation and try to be a positive voice for interfaith understanding in the world.