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Associate MinisterLinda Stern

Linda Stern

Linda Stern, an Associate Minister at Interfaith and a Cherag, has been walking an Interfaith path most of her life. As a youth, she was blessed by having friends of many different faiths while loving 3 days a week at her spiritual home, the Episcopal church, while growing up in Chicago.  In a time when the world was less tolerant of Interspirituality, she raised two children in an interfaith marriage with the blessing of experiencing the world’s spiritual paths in our community. 

Linda has been a part of Interfaith Community before we began meeting at our present location in Ballard and was a founding member of our community here. Before our present location, we were meeting in homes of friends to honor our diverse spiritual paths. When asked many years ago about her vision of Interfaith, she said,  “I look for the common cord that underlies and supports all spiritual and faith traditions and THAT is my spiritual path.”  The One who Is and Is a part of all paths; The One who was before and who is now and Who forever will be. 

She is one of the founding members of the Convocation of the Divine Feminine, which had services here for 7 years.  Linda brings to light the role of the Divine Feminine, which has been hidden in our world for many thousands of years.  Not to over correct, but to bring an awareness to and a balancing of the energies in the world; to balance the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. The Divine Feminine continues to be a large part of who she is in the world, both spiritually and worldly. She has done many paintings with the Divine Feminine as the theme. 

Birthed From the Womb of CreationLinda has served as the President of our Guiding Council here at Interfaith and was a part of writing the bylaws of our community years ago. Also for several years, Linda supported Rev. Debra Lajimodiere with Native American drumming and story telling, including Creation stories from the many diverse tribes. 

Linda is an artist, who is responsible for the beautiful community artwork in our sanctuary. There are 10 completed creative expressions there now. Every year, at our spiritual retreat, she presents her design and the community paints the inspiration. The themes are spiritual in nature and filled with the symbolism found in diverse spiritual paths. She also has done 2 paintings live during services at Interfaith that took twelve months/services to complete. While painting, Linda enters a state of prayer and meditation, to bring in the energies of those present and not present, her Higher Self, Divine Presence, as well as the energies of the materials. During this creative process she feels she is the blessed moving part that brings feelings and thoughts and energies into manifestation. Creation is a gift. She also does several art fund-raisers for Interfaith each year like her ornaments and her artistic calendar.  

The art you see on this page is a selection of the community art that was led by Linda at our community's spiritual retreats each year and art that was done by Linda during services at Interfaith Community and a painting from a private art collection. If you are interested in obtaining a watercolor print or a wrapped canvas giclee print of any of the community art pieces or any of the art on this page, just contact Linda at her email below.

Linda holds a BS and a BA in education, art and psychology, which she has used by teaching most of her life, in one form or another. This inter-discipline has formed a wonderful basis for her life experience so far this life. She teaches private art lessons at her home and has sold her art from the age of 10, which she continues to do privately.  See some of her art at her shop on Esty called SpiritArtByLindaJoy or at this link:

Sacred Messengers

She is also a yearly speaker at the Scottish Highland Games to honor her Scottish ancestry.  

Linda is a healer and a Reiki Master, who not only shares healing but also teaches Reiki. She is also trained in Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch and Native American Healing ways, as well. Because of being comfortable in diverse methods of healing, she often blends many of the different techniques. 

If you would like to contact Linda, email her at

If you would like to read some of Linda’s messages she has shared at Interfaith Community, please click on the links below:

The Alchemic Fire of Transformation: August 2013


Opening Prayer


Love Itself

by Em Claire


Please do not regret

All those moments that have brought you here.


If you are reading this-

Then your perseverance has been answered,

And A Grace is coming.


So for now…… hold on loosely to where you are.

And like   knots    on    a    rope

that    mark    your    reaching,


hand over hand

You will continue to climb-


Sometimes through ecstasy,

Sometimes through white, hot, fire agony, but


Higher into evermore light.


This same formula over and over again.

Until that day you find yourself

Just a beacon.

 Only Flame.

In a place

Where even love itself

Has come undone.



Good morning fellow Fire Sparks! I am Linda Stern. This month at ICS we are connecting to the ever-burning element of fire.  Fire may not be one of those elements that you have an obvious connection to but know that Fire was instrumental in your birthing –perhaps with human passion involved with an earthly birth but definitely in the fusion that birthed the universe. And perhaps, at the end of today, you will have a different way of thinking about the element of Fire. Fire has been thought of in so many ways since the beginning of time and if there ever was an element that had multiple meanings- seemingly in opposition with each other- it would be Fire.  

Fire, the bringer of destruction burns everything, and consumes all.  It is hell…. and yet… it guards the boundaries of Paradise and cleanses and purifies. Sometimes Love is spoken of as an eternal flame.  Fire is used for strong emotional feelings -such as love, hate, desire, and determination- and how about courage under fire. 

Fire is used to provide light, to provide warmth, to cook, for protection, and in creation of tools to help us survive. Fire is an element in our universe’s creation. Fire is used in rituals from all over the world. Fire can be found symbolically in spiritual paths as a symbol of the Divine. Fire is the action thought of as a symbol of transformation, transmutation and tranfiguration. Fire runs the gamete in our vast human experience from physical survival to the alchemical fire that burns in us all for our enlightenment. That is a lot for one element to carry but Fire does. 

I believe, that the folks that end up here, in our congregation, at Interfaith, are in a process of using that Alchemical, transformational inner fire, not only for ourselves but also for the world. 

In ages past fire has been a part of our species survival physically and flowed into our myths across the planet. Then, as we stepped from concerns about physical survival, we switched our attentions to emotional and spiritual survival- our soul’s survival- and then fire took on a different role. 

Fire brings the message that God is the Light of lights, the transformer of our challenges into our triumphs.  Fire is Divine.  In every spiritual tradition there is a connection to the power of spiritual fire and here are a few examples. 

In the Celtic pantheon, Goddesses that were Fire Goddesses had two sides- usually that of healing and of working energies for a strengthening or transformation of the situation or person. Fire and healing could be something as simple as being close to each other near a fireplace or cooking herbal remedies. The Goddesses’ Fire energy symbolized the in-ternal fire necessary for emotional, mental and spiritual evolvement of our creative consciousness into a higher-level human being.  And as I remember, there are also several archetypes- the Warrior, the Destroyer and the Mystic within us who wield fire for transformation into finer quality. 

In Christianity fire represents among other things the Holy Spirit, purification, and Illumination. 

From Luke 3:16   "And John answered, saying, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, whose shoes I am not worthy to touch: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire." 

And from Mathew 17 comes a reference to transfiguration- ‘the body of light’ that is attained through deep and profound spiritual practice: 

“After six days Jesus took Peter, James, and John, his brother, and brought them up onto a high mountain- apart, And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.” 

In Judaism the flame is a symbol of God’s relationship to the world and to humans. Fire is called “esh” and the word occurs 380 times in the written Torah. Its frequency alone is proof of its importance as a biblical symbol or metaphor. 

The Fire of God is shown in: the burning bush from which God spoke to Moses ( Exod 3:2-6 ), as a smoking oven and flaming torch in making the Covenant with Abraham (Gen. 15:17), in a pillar of fire to guide his people, (Exo. 13:21), on Mt Sinai as smoke ascending like smoke from a furnace, (Exo.19:18), and in the flame on an altar. (Judg. 13:20). And this still leaves 375 more presentations! 

In Hinduism, fire is one of five sacred elements of which all living creatures are made and considered an eternal witness essential to sacred religious ceremonies. 

Brahman is fire and Agni is the Fire God that presides over the great events that happen in a person’s life. Worship of the Hindu gods was mostly through fire rituals. Any offerings that were given to the gods were placed in the fire and Agni would transport them to the other gods. Agni is mentioned more times in the Vedic hymn that any other deity.

In Buddhism light or fire is the symbol of truth that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Fire is included as an element of the Buddhist Mandala.  Its outer ring is called The Ring of Fire. 

This Ring of Fire symbolizes the edge of the universe, beyond which lies chaos. To begin the mystical journey, one must leave this outer world of chaos, and pass through the flaming barrier, this outer circle- to enter the sacred enclosure of the mandala. Its purpose is not to terrify a person, but rather to show that the flame of the wisdom contained within the mandala can burn away ignorance and error- a transformation.

J.C. Cooper, in his Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols discusses “baptism by fire.” He calls it a restoration of primordial purity by burning away the dross of common life by passing through Fire. This fire burns away impurities to reach Paradise. Much like the Buddhist Ring of Fire in their mandalas or ancient Alchemy. 

In spiritual traditions, one of the meanings of fire is divinity,  BUT fire is also about transforming ourselves into more refined or enlightened Beings.  I believe- it’s about remembering that we already are that finer material - We already are the gold- hidden in our core. Perhaps our gold is hidden from… years of conditioning and worldly actions but we are the gold. The symbolization of Fire in world spirituality is ultimately aimed at spiritual transformation.

Spiritual Alchemy is a transformation and it is deeply connected to Fire. In fact Fire is Alchemy’s transforming element. Alchemy of course has a history with chemistry but the mystical arm refers to the alchemy of the soul or spirit. Just like other spiritual traditions, Alchemy has many levels of meaning.  Spiritual alchemy refers to inner transformation— specifically, certain actions to aid in freeing the spiritual essence that is buried within.  The practice of inner alchemy involves the transformation of the individual from unconscious ‘raw material’ to the ‘finer material’ of self-realization and divine illumination. A core goal of many spiritual paths. 

The commonly known end result of alchemy and spiritual alchemy is gold.  Gold, represents the awakened self, and is attained thru a 7-stage process. The first step of the al-chemi-cal process is fire. 

Spiritual alchemy is an ancient system in which the alchemist seeks to understand his or her own soul, by passing through a transformation. The deeper esoteric work of the alchemist was always about personal awakening and union with the divine mind or higher self. Again, much like other paths. 

In alchemy there is the use of five elements - fire, water, air, earth and ether (spirit).  And in the realm of alchemy, fire rules. This is because fire is the element of transmutation par excellence, the key to changing things from one state to another.         

In alchemy, fire is the force that rarefies and refines, as well as causing total transformation. The alchemical idea of transmuting base metals into gold is just a metaphor for the deep inner Work.  Fire is used to burn away aspects of our inner self that prevent us from being a part of our realized and higher self. The Fire of Life and Spirit, helps us to see clearly our limiting characteristics and to take steps to burn or wear them down. And then…. to reconstitute ourselves into a more pure form—which allows for the possibility of accomplishing our maximum potentials in life. 

In Alchemy the first step is called Calcination, which is the term given for the heating and pulverizing of raw matter to break it down.  In spiritual Alchemy, this stage refers to ‘cooking’ or ‘baking’ in the fire of life.  Life, naturally adds fire for the cooking of our being.  I have said many times in my life……“It’s not soup yet” when a process I am going thru is not done. I can feel it- the simmer, the boil, the burn. 

Our ego-personality and our essence can be in conflict with each other making our evolving process longer and more …..heated. In our early years, our egos do serve us, in protection and survival, but our ego becomes a problem as we seek to mature into spiritually awakened adults. The more we try to hold onto a limiting part of us, the more life will gradually hammer us—‘cooking’ us until we are……sufficiently humbled, asking “Is it hot enough?” “How about now….is it hot enough now?”  A hallmark of this stage is a growing willingness to be wrong about our own core issues. The expression from- A Course In Miracles, - ‘Would you rather be right or happy?’ speaks, in a simplified fashion, to this. 

The ego-self cares primarily about being right—you know what I mean…..right that we know, or right that we are not good enough, or right that we are too good, or right that we are a powerless victim, or right that we cannot trust life or love. 

But our soul’s essence can be refined in the fire of life’s transforming experiences through….. our deep inner work, which can transform us into our more enlightened self. Deep inner fireworks! 

One more additional step here with alchemy and perhaps all spiritual traditions. Transformation of the self really only works when we also have an intention to help transform the outer world as well- to shine the light or fire of our being outward in order to realize our highest callings in life and help the world do the same. 

Fire is exciting and frightening at the same time. Change is exciting and frightening at the same time. Our true potential is exciting and frightening at the same time.  The in-ternal Fire can transform us into a state of being that allows us to accomplish the impossible- or what we thought was impossible. 

Our Internal Fire can burn away what is no longer needed….. so we can progress to another, more enlightened, state of being.  The fire process is like melting away the impurities that hold back our personal gold.  We are all a work in progress- a glorious grand amazing wondrous and light filled work in progress going from one state of being to another more evolved state of being. It is not that we are fixing anything- we are the beauty and love of the universe and the Multiverse- we are just transforming.  We are perfect in our true God-Self, for at the depth of our core, we are Love, we are the Living Light! 

If you find yourself in the fire right now, trust that it's supposed to be like that to help your soul evolve.   Have faith that everything in your life including Fire, is where it needs to be to stimulate the growth of your consciousness.  Have faith in the universe that created you.  All in the Universe is in process; all is awakening to its true potential. It may take being filled with fire at times to get there but it is a great opportunity, this gift of becoming. 

So what opportunities for change and deepening does your fire offer you now? When we attune our prayers and practice to the energy of spiritual fire, to the strength of spiritual fire, to the purity of spiritual fire, we can use this knowledge for deep inner work and spiritual transformation by living in the flame of life! 

So just for a moment, close your eyes please. Feel where you are right now in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.  Just feel that. In the distance, see a flame, a fire in whatever presentation or size you imagine.  It might be a candle flame or it might be a column of fire, whatever you imagine - See it undulate and be fed by the air around it in a dance of life. 

Now see the flame coming towards you, closer and closer…….. and now closer. Not an adversary but a collaborator. Imagine what you would like to transform in your life with this beautiful and powerful INternal fire. Reach out and invite the fire to become one with you. Embrace the strength of fire in your life right now.   Be with this, while Sally Jo plays music and at the other end, we will do a ritual with this feeling, this concept and your internal, eternal fire. Thank you.


FIRE RITUAL for ICS Linda’s Service August 2013 

With your eyes still closed, imagine your connection with the element of Inner Fire- See the flame, hear it sizzle, taste the difference in the air around you, smell it’s burn, feel its heat.  See how your life force feeds the flame in a dance of life.  Feel the fire, the burning fire.  Your Inner Fire is your collaborator, your helper to burn away the dross of your life, burning away the things that are holding you back from living your true potential. Or igniting the spark that propels you farther than you ever imagined. Our Inner Fire is our collaborator that can transform us into Gold.


This Inner Fire can help transform your life with its beautiful and powerful force.  So again, imagine what you would like to transform in your life with this beautiful and powerful internal fire.  Reach out and invite the fire to become one with you. If you want, have the fire jump to your hand and allow it to travel to your heart and ignite you in the next step in life.  If this is a little too much of a move, then just admire the fire and salute its strength- your strength.  Have it burn away what is no longer needed to transform ourselves, our lives, our world and our multiverses.

Embrace the strength of fire in your life right now.  Now open your eyes and select a candle. Light this candle to symbolize the fire that burns in us all as a partner for our spiritual evolvement. Go to the alter, and light the candle you have selected from the central flame.  Have this action symbolize your commitment to living in the flame of life for transformation.


When we attune our prayers and practice to the energy of spiritual fire, to the strength of spiritual fire, to the purity of spiritual fire, our spiritual transformation can be illuminating for ourselves and the world.    Thank you.



Masai Fire Prayer

Thank you Holy Creator, for your gift of fire.

It is through fire that you draw near to us every day.

It is with fire that you constantly bless us.

Holy Creator, enter into this fire today

with your power and bless it.

Make this fire a worthy thing that carries your blessing.

Let it become a reminder of your love.

A reminder of life without end.

Make the life of these people here baptized with fire.

Make the fire shine for the sake of your people

And a thing that shines for Your sake.

Holy Creator, welcome this sweet smelling smoke that brings to you our hopes and prayers.

And also make life sweet smelling.

A thing sweet smelling and holy that rises to You.


Embodying Our Ideals and Thoughts: February 2013

Embodying Our Ideals and Thoughts: February 2013

Good morning- I’m Linda Stern -let’s try something together. Let’s all close our eyes and imagine we’re in a sacred space. Now let’s imagine we are surrounded by Beings that are loving, supportive, peaceful, and Light filled.  Feel that in your inner most temple.  As Buddha said-  “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. What we think we become.” Now come on back but bring that with you.


This month at ICS, we are speaking about Being, or embodying or living our ideals and thoughts and that by BE-ing our ideals, we create realities.  For me, this means BE-ing at a deep cellular level, the highest and best ideals of our Universe- to reveal myself as an expression of the Divine- as Light, Love, Joy, Compassion- to name a few, as best I can.  My ideals and thoughts and desires are a manifestation of my inner divinity seeking to express itself in a reality for the good of all.


There has been a great deal thought, written and said about creating our own realities both on the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels, both in the inner and outer worlds and in the secular and spiritual realms.

Gandhi said- “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive, because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your ideals. Keep your ideals positive, because your ideals become your destiny.”


Dr John Hagelin, a quantum physicist educated at Dartmouth and Harvard said:  "Happier thoughts lead to essentially a happier biochemistry - a happier, healthier body. Negative thoughts and stress have been shown to seriously degrade the body and the functioning of the brain, because it's our thoughts and emotions that are continuously reassembling, reorganizing, re-creating our body.”  But of course!


That quote is about our thoughts creating a reality of physical health.  But what I found fascinating about Dr. Hagelin is that he was published in two papers that speak about the relationship between consciousness and….. Quantum physics.



These papers discuss the Vedic understanding of consciousness as a field, and compare it with theories of the unified field in quantum physics.  Hagelin suggests that these two fields have almost identical properties and quantitative structure. He presents theoretical and empirical arguments were he suggests the two fields are one and the same. How interesting to- at least-  consider that- consciousness and the unified field are as.

And again I say…..But of course.


Where do our desires, our ideals, our thoughts, our intents, our inventions come from and where do they go?  Do they just pop into and out of our consciousness?  Do they disappear with the last exhalation of a sentence or blip of our brain? Have you ever, when in the state of mindlessness or meditation or sacred prayer, been connected with a fantastic, amazing, light filled piece feeling or thought or insight?


Some say there is a place in the ethers……that our consciousness connects to…. the place where imagination lies, where thought forms and patterns are held that is connected to All that is and to us. There are many terms for this space, this sacred space - Some call this the Super Consciousness, some call it the sacred space within, some call it Higher Self, Universal Intelligence,

some call it the Vibrational Field.   And at least one forward visionary thinker is hypothesizing it the same as the Unified Field.


As Shakti Ga-wain has said: “Each one of us has all the wisdom and knowledge we ever need.  It is available to us thru our intuitive mind, which is our connection with Universal Intelligence.”


We as a species, by connecting to Divine Intelligence, Mother- Father God, can connect to All and can create a group reality for the benefit of All.  And in a similar way, we as humans can create a reality- with a small r for ourselves.  But imagine if our personal reality and the Reality of the Universe, with a loving, compassionate group consciousness, thrived together. Ahhhhhhhhhhh- heaven on earth.


This idea of our ideals and thoughts creating our reality has wrapped itself in so many different containers over the course of time. As an example, here at Interfaith the last 2 years our themes have included the idea of thoughts and ideals creating realities. You might remember when The Convocation of the Divine Feminine, spoke about the Heroines’ Journey.  Those archetypical personas are achieved by thoughts and ideals- creating their realities.  The Warrior, The Sage, The Lover, The Magician- all of the archetypes, creating their own realities for themselves and the world- for good or for bad.


And then last year, we spoke about the 12 Conditions of a Miracle in which the 12 conditions create our realities, our miracles-from our thoughts, our desires, our ideals. Perhaps you remember a few guideposts like - Go inside and listen to the Divine voice, know what you want and how to ask for it…..visualize what you want clearly and act as if a miracle has already occurred.  Steps in creating a reality or creating a miracle. 

The author of Twelve Conditions of a Miracle, Todd Michael said-  “These conditions or game rules of the Universe- form an engine. When all the cylinders fire together, the power they generate is beyond comprehension. It is a power that can change your life drastically as the universe opens for you. You have the power to manifest heaven here on earth, right here and now.” 

Across the ages and in every spiritual path we have been told the same thing- that our thoughts and feelings intensely felt, and coupled with the divine, create our realities, both personal and cosmic. 

In the sacred text of Alchemy, The Emerald Tablet, written around 3,000BC is found this: “As above, so below.  As within, so without.” 

The Buddha said –“He is able who thinks he is able.”  And as I said before  “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. What we think we become.” 

In the New Testament in Mark & Matthew- in slightly different words is found:   "What things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” 

In the Upanishad is stated:

“Above all, a person is his will. As he wills in this life, so he becomes.” 

And consider this from Hazrat In-a-yat Khan-   “Every person, from morning till evening, is making invisible forms in space by what he says. He is creating invisible vibrations around him, and so he is creating an atmosphere” (a reality)- 

You see, my dear brothers and sisters- Each of us is pure- living potential-  available to create and be a full expression of perfection in our world connected to our Loving Holy Parent. 

To manifest realities in the world, do begin with listening to that quiet space within you that connects us to the loving and infinite Source of Holy Mother and Father. Connect with that vibrational field of Spirit- whatever you may call it or feel it to be- consciousness, Unified Field- Higher Self- God and be at one with it.  Then with Love in your heart and your thoughts, visions, ideals - use your special gifts that you ARE from the Divine and you will move forward towards your destiny- A destiny or reality that shares your precious gift by creating realities for the benefit of All Beings. - yes- your special gifts. You know what they are! 

It is possible to create heaven right here on earth and it begins with each of us realizing that we are the active agents of change in our individual life reality, and in our world. Energy flows where our attention goes.

What is your gift to the world?  What divine realities do you want to create for the benefit of the All?  What can your sacred heart imagine?

In H.D. Thoreau’s- Walden he said- “I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” 

So please close your eyes again.   With your full and loving heart, let’s imagine what reality we can create right now.  And with your full and loving heart, let’s connect with our ideals and our inner divinity.  With all the inhabitants of heaven and earth, imagine a heaven here on earth for all- a reality of peace and love and joy- a reality that is joyful not only for ourselves but for all of creation. Imagine. 

And as another one of my favorite physicist, - Albert Einstein said,  "Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”

Asking for a Miracle: March 2012

Asking for a Miracle: March 2012

From a message by Linda Stern of The Convocation of the Divine Feminine sharing about Conditions of a Miracle, speaking about one selected condition each month for a year.


Good morning and welcome!


“Ask, and ye shall receive; seek; and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asks receives; and everyone that seeks finds; and to everyone that knocks it shall be opened.”

This passage is found in 3 different locations- Matthew & Luke & John from The Sermon on the Mount- spoken by the Master Miracle maker, Jesus who left us messages and clues about manifesting miracles in our world. And as Jesus also said “These things that I do, you also will do- you will do greater than I”


Asking, in these Biblical verses refers to personal conversations and opening your heart to the Divine. And asking is the 3rd principle from Todd Michael’s book, 12 Conditions of a Miracle.  As some of you know, we are referring to this book for our spiritual direction this year at Interfaith Community. Each of the 12 conditions is a principle in spiritual practices worldwide and worthy of our considerations even without the carrot of manifestation of miracles. Please consider, while I speak, of the similarities of asking and prayer.


So just as a small recap-in January, the first condition of a miracle we considered was that of emptiness or rather to empty ourselves of ourselves, to step out of the way, to become quiet, to hear the voice of Spirit. How busy we have become that the sound of the Universe, of Holy Spirit, of God, of Goddess, of Love has become something we have to retrain ourselves to hear. One of the ways this condition of emptiness is attained is by a meditation practice. As Mother Theresa said: “God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” 


The second month of February, the condition was that of alignment with the universe. To have our spirit, our thoughts, our actions come into alignment with the highest principles of universe- that of Love and Compassion. Engaging with the flow of the universe gives your path power. As the Dalai Lama said,  “Only the development of compassion and Love can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.”


And this, the third month, we are now being guided to the third principle, which is to ask the Universe for our form of a miracle. According to Todd Michael, there are specific ways to ask. It is in a particular way so that the universe really hears you. And why not speak the same language? If you know exactly what you want and how to ask, the universe responds with amazing accuracy.  Who amongst us has not had the experience that what our hearts desires ends up on our doorstep and we are amazed?  Is this just coincidence or is your heart so involved with your request that the key to the lock presents itself and opens the door to the Universe?


To accomplish this 3rd condition, this asking…. the first thing you have to know is what you desire.  Being clear, knowing what you truly want sounds easier than it is. This is a process of condensing your desires from the ethers into thoughts then into words then into actions and is one of the oldest tenants of Ancient Wisdom – binding the above with below in action and the heart.


But know- it is the essence of the request, not a thing that is important to focus on. Our experience here on earth is deeper and more complex than a series of things.  What is it you want to feel…. not what do you want to have your life.


An example- if you want a house -feel why you want a house----is it security, safety, family, connection, pleasure? What is it you want to feel?  Then request whatever that essence is…..request that and let the infinitely wise and accomplished Holy Spirit, Universe, God-use all possible resources to get you there.


But be general about the approach- let the universe handle the details and the best path to get there. Describe the general feeling you desire and the most accomplished Miracle Maker in the universe will sing your song! Place your request, then surrender and trust that the Universe will provide. Trust and Surrender!


Perhaps some of you remember when my son Andy, had a snowboarding accident some years ago. He was in the ICU for 4 days and in the hospital for 10 more days.  I was with him 23 hours a day. During the time he was in the ICU, the experience was intense. My reality was only Andy and God. Nothing else existed. I had to battle with many things- interior and exterior. In retrospect I realize that the principles of a miracle were engaged- but not by my intellect- only by my heart and my connection with the Divine.  I knew what I wanted, what I needed to feel, I placed my request thru a personal conversation with God and then I let God take over. Its not as though I had knowledge of how or even if a spleen could become healed. But in the deep of the night I had stillness, in the deepness of the night I was in flow with the universe, in the deep of the night I had clarity and faith. I had a true conversation with the Divine, a true asking to the Divine, a true prayer with the Divine in an intimate relationship of the heart. At the end of this healing experience, the doctors wanted to write it up because not only did the spleen heal but it grew back together and quickly. We were all grateful.


Understand that the desire for the feeling that a “house” or a healing can bring, is really just part of a larger picture. For manifesting to be successful, make sure that your desire or asking or your prayer is connected to higher purpose. Then the universe will have a vested interest in fulfilling your desire. Know that requests that serve Higher Purpose and others are revered.


***Here is a Biblical example from Kings about Solomon-


At Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night; and God said,    "Ask!   What shall I give you?"


And Solomon asked for- wisdom to serve his people.


The request pleased the Lord…. that Solomon had asked this thing.


Then God said to him: "Because you have asked this thing, and have not asked long life for yourself, nor have asked riches for yourself, nor have asked the life of your enemies,


 but instead have asked for understanding to discern justice


-Behold!  I have done according to your words!   See?    


I have given you a wise and understanding heart, so that there has not been anyone like you before, nor shall there be any like you after.


And I have also given you what you have not asked: both riches and honor, so there shall not be anyone like you among the kings all your days.


Having considering this information about “Asking”, I paused to reflect. The condition of “asking” sounded a lot to me like –prayer!   In fact by the definition, the only real difference in prayer is the inclusion of appealing to Divinity for our requests.


This condition of asking is so sweet and familiar- it is having a personal conversation with the Divine- not thru an intercessor, not thru a formula but thru the truest form of devotion- that of the heart.  To me, this kind of asking is prayer. I have always felt that if we just speak out of our hearts, not only will we hear each other, but God will as well. A conversation with the divine acknowledges that Divinity exists and that we matter enough to be heard.  I know that we all are a truly loved form of Being in the form of you….and you ……and me. Personal conversations or asking or prayer from the heart has the power – and the flow- of the universe in them.


Mahatma Gandhi said, “Prayer is not idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.


Our personal experience, our personal feelings, our personal path is of great importance to God. We are all precious points of light to our Creator who cares much about our successful evolvement- if only from a functional standpoint……… but it is much bigger than function.


To me, the most powerful of prayers, forms of asking- come from our heart and go to God’s heart where the appeal is not only heard but felt. Some of the most powerful prayers spoken, written, sung, danced, drawn-  incorporate elements that unlock the door to the Divine. I do not know in my intellect what all the elements- but my heart feels them.


***Here is a prayer by Khahil Gibran.   Prayer 22 speaks so much of asking and prayer and personal conversations with God.


Then a priestess said, "Speak to us of Prayer." 

And a Wise One answered:

You pray in your distress and in your need- would that you might pray in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.


For what is prayer but the expansion of yourself into the living ether?


And if it is for your comfort to pour your darkness into space, it is also for your delight to pour forth the dawning of your heart.


And if you weep when your soul summons you to prayer, you should come again and again weeping, until you come laughing.


Let your visit to that invisible temple only be for ecstasy and sweet communion.


I cannot teach you how to pray in words.  God listens not to your words—except when God utters them through your lips.


But if you listen in the stillness of the night, the stillness of your night, you shall hear in the silence,


"Our God, who art our winged self, it is thy will in us that wills. It is thy desire in us that desires.  It is thy urge in us that would turn our nights, which are yours, into days, which are yours also.


We cannot ask you for anything that you don’t already know.

You are our need; and in giving us more of yourself you give us all."

I believe that the most powerful prayers to the Divine are written by ourselves in a personal delivery from our heart to God’s heart. Pour yourself into your asking, your prayer, your personal conversation.  Hold nothing back as God knows anyway. And then surrender. And have faith and trust that your beautiful voice has been heard. As it is.


So Ask for your miracle- the Goddess’s miracle, ask for your desire- God’s desire and connect from your heart in a miraculous conversation with the Holy One, Creator, Divinity that will manifest a miracle for you and your world.


***Here is a prayer I have written from my heart for today-


Dear One, Loving Source of All,

I hear your strong and sure voice within my heart, within my soul. Thank you for your presence in our lives, showing us abundance in every possible form.

This I ask of you, Dear One- This I pray to you, Dear One-

That the sweetness of the existence touches every being in the Universe.

That the Abundant Blessings of your Love and Compassion live in every heart-

That the fullness of your joy is felt in every moment.

May your Blessings be upon all of us.

Miracles Acting As If: September 2012

Miracles Acting As If: September 2012

From a message by Linda Stern of The Convocation of the Divine Feminine sharing about Conditions of a Miracle, speaking about one selected condition each month for a year.


Good Miracle or I mean Good Morning to you! 


I’m Linda Stern and I am here today to speak about creating miracles in our lives. As you might know, here at Interfaith we have been referencing a book called 12 Conditions of a Miracle by Todd Michael. He did research about The Miracle of Loaves and Fishes in the New Testament in the Bible and found ways for us mere humans to create miracles. So to get us started this morning, I want to do a quick review of the year that has gotten us to this point with a short description of the first 9 conditions of the 12 and a quote. 


Month One was establishing a void within us so that spirit can slip in and speak to us.  From the Old Testament, Psalms – “Be still and know that I AM God.”


Month Two was Alignment. This means getting your own life and intent to move in the same direction as the universe.


From Brian Tracy said-“Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance with the universe.


Month Three was Asking.  If you know what you really want, and how to ask for it, the universe will fulfill your request with startling accuracy so Be Careful what you ask for!


“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”

Jules Renard


“Life is bendable to our will more than we know. In fact, that's the deal. If we don't know that life bends to our will, it will not. So the trick is to know that life is on our side -- and awaits our command,   so ask”

Neale Donald Walsch


Month Four was Maximizing - maximizing what already exists, not materialization from nothing. The universe is very careful. It hates waste. Those who use its precious energy with appropriate gratitude and care are rewarded.


“Our ordinary mind always tries to persuade us that we are nothing but little acorns and that our greatest happiness will be becoming bigger, fatter, shinier acorns; but that is of interest only to pigs. Our faith gives us knowledge of something better: that we can become giant oak trees.”

E.F. Schumacker


Month Five was Giving. The act of giving stimulates flow and relieves congestion.


“For it is in giving that we receive.”

St. Francis of Assisi


Month Six was Grounding, at a physical and metaphysical level. As in electrical power, if a circuit is not grounded in the now- currents cannot flow through it- miracles won’t get to us.


“The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.” Buddha


“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” Theodore Roosevelt


Month Seven was visualizing. Unless the desired end is clearly seen, it cannot be reached.


Nikola Tesla  - " I do not rush into actual work. When I get a new idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination, and make improvements and operate the device in my mind. When I have gone so far as to embody everything in my invention, every possible improvement I can think of, and when I see no fault anywhere, I put that into concrete form."


Month Eight was Gratitude. When a human being is in a state of true gratitude, the fabric of time and space in the multiverses is favorably altered.


 “You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert, the opera, the play, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink.” G. K. Chesterton


 “You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. And you will have set in motion an ancient spiritual law: the more you have and are grateful for, the more will be given you.” Sarah Breathnach.


Which brings us to…. Month Nine which is Acting As If.  This may be the most difficult of the conditions as it requires action on our part and as my mother used to tell me- “words are cheap, action counts.”  Acting as if means to take action as if your miracle has already occurred. It requires for you to believe in your miracle and perhaps take a leap of faith and to move with that belief into actions.  In the example of The Miracle of Loaves and Fishes, Jesus knew that he only had an arm load of bread yet he didn’t let this stop him from moving forward to feed the crowd. He just acted as if the miracle of feeding 5,000 people had happened. He didn’t just pray and visualize- he did something. He broke bread and handed it out. He chose a reality that everyone was feed.


Miracle workers break thru barriers of inertia and doubt and get moving. They know that when they act, they have to do it with perfect confidence. Spirit helps those who help themselves. And the universe funnels its energy into the lives of those who act, those who work, those who make an effort to actually get things accomplished.


Don’t get me wrong- prayer, visualization and affirmation- all the rest of the steps are important and necessary BUT at some point you have to act to set your miracle in motion- you have to move and transform your current reality of your dream into the reality of your miracle.


It is said that the first level of manifestation is thought, then visualization, then affirmation, then really feeling that miracle/dream/concept in the body.  The next step is to put this idea into spoken word and some say- but not me- the next step is to write them and then, then…… you just have to put the pedal to the metal, and act- act as if the intended creation is real and move!  It may take a leap of faith but don’t worry- the cliff is not as big as you might have feared!


This painting is about a time in my life when I had to “act as if” to make my miracle happen, to choose my reality. It involved a leap of faith to believe enough in myself to take the courage to leap off the cliff……but it was so worth it. An unknown mystic said-“When you come to the edge of all the light that you know and are about to step into the darkness of the unknown, taking a leap of Faith is knowing that one of two things will happen. There will be solid ground to stand on or you will be taught to fly.”


I look at this painting and remember when I created it and the situation I was in.  It reminds me that I can do anything my heart believes in. And I can do it with Joy, which makes a huge difference- not with fear but with joy.


So begin to create your miracle now. There is never any other time to begin.  Avoid procrastination with all of your might.
 Napolean Hill reminds us – “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, better tools will be found as you go along.”


Expect a miracle, but know it will unfold in its own time. Your dream will grow at its own rate. Remember- we are still on a learning curve about manifesting miracles.  Of course, a true master can manifest in a moment but perhaps we might need to be a little more patient. Don’t be discouraged- just plant the seed and it will unfold. You may not see the complex processes unfolding but it is. Trust. Be patient.


This is not to say, that there might not be fear involved with “acting as if” but as C. D’Amat said,

"Heroes and cowards feel the same fear; the difference is in the action." 


I remember when I was about 9- and my mom taught me a way to believe in myself – to “Act as if.”   You might remember the musical, The King and I.  In it, Anna, sang a song to her son, Louis -in which she teaches him how to take action- to  “act as if” even if he was afraid- to make believe you’re brave – it’s called “Whistle a Happy Tune.”  My mom suggested I use that- I did and still do.


Whenever I feel afraid

I hold my head erect

And whistle a happy tune

So no one will suspect

I'm afraid.


While shivering in my shoes

I strike a careless pose

And whistle a happy tune

And no one ever knows

I'm afraid.


The result of this deception

Is very strange to tell

For when I fool the thing I fear

I fool myself as well!


I whistle a happy tune

And ev'ry single time

The happiness in the tune

Convinces me that I'm not afraid.


Make believe you're brave

And this gift will take you far.

You are as brave

As you make believe (act as if) you are 

I have used that tune so many times to take action.  My mom was a big believer in “acting as if”. In her life she conquered many obstacles with acting as if- death of a husband, death of a child, cancer and advanced age. One of my favorite quotes from my mom is - “I wish I felt as good as I sound…… but I just can’t act any other way.”  She “Acted as if” as a way of life and she lived beautifully until the age of 101.


Successfully “Acting as if” requires a deep belief of what you desire. You can do this by “acting as if” your wish is fulfilled- until it becomes your dominant feeling. “Make believe you’re brave or Fake it until you make it” or Act as if until you become your miracle spiritually from the inside out.


Quantum physics supports acting as if and miracles because there are an infinite number of potential realities we may choose from. So choose the reality of believing in your miracle and then act as if your miracle already occurred.  As long as we are acting as if why not act as if you are ......starlight, (because you are)  why not act as if you are the most precious love you could gift to another (because you are). Why act as if your smile is a miracle- because it is.


Recently, I saw a show on PBS about Happiness- The Happiness Alternative with a scientist Shawn Achor, a professor at Harvard, who spoke about the science of happiness. One of the sub-topics of happiness that he spoke about was………smiling. During the program one of the studies he sited had been done at large hotels and then hospitals in the US.  In this particular study, employees were instructed that at 10’ from another person they were to smile and make eye contact. The most extraordinary thing happened. The rating of the hotels and hospitals involved skyrocketed and they became very successful, just by smiling.


He also told spoke about MRIs that were done during 2 seconds of smiling. The MRI showed that the brain thinks you are happy when you are smiling and then dumps dopamine into your bloodstream. And evidently our brains aren’t as smart as we thought they are- they don’t know the difference between a real or a fake smile so again “act as if” or “make believe you’re brave or “Fake it till you make it” to your happiness and joy.


Thich Nhat Hanh has said- “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”


Another study was sited that showed how you can change someone’s else’s happiness level- what a miracle that would be.   Again MRIs were done.  It showed that smiling….. or being smiled at, are the same, as far as our body/brain is concerned- they both dump dopamine into our bloodstreams. This is because we have mirror receptor neutrons that are wired for empathy so we receive smiles, i.e. happiness, the same as if we were making them ourselves. As an aside we can see that science is showing what we knew all along – that we all are connected with each other.


So why not connect with a gift of happiness to each other in the wonderful ripple out effect. If we are going to ripple out- and we do- why not touch another’s life in a joyous way just by smiling.  Happiness scientifically spreads. We can be the sunshine in another person’s life by lighting up our smile.  Just by Acting as if you are joy by the simple act of smiling, you can gift yourself AND another with the miracle of happiness.


Here’s what some Wisdom Holders have said about “acting as if” and action-


Carlos Castaneda said- “A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting.”


Thomas Jefferson said- “Do you want to know who you are?  Don't ask!  Act! Action will delineate and define you.”


Fidel Castro said-  “I began a revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I do it with 10 or 15 and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action.”


Theodore Roosevelt said- “In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.”


And Meister Eckhart reminds us-“What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action. Action and Becoming are one.”


Acting as if may take a bit of bravery on your part but you and your miracle are so worth it. Just like the wisdom holders thoughts about action and just like this painting- take the leap and “act as if” and go in the way of your destiny!

Archetype The Lover: August 2011

Archetype The Lover: August 2011


From a message by Linda Stern of The Convocation of the Divine Feminine sharing about The Heroines’ Journey, speaking about one selected archetype each month for a year, this one being The Lover.



Welcome today, my loved ones, to our day in which we delve into the archetype of The Lover.  If I had to choose only one archetype and action to define myself by… would be Love and The Lover. I feel I did choose before archetype for this lifetime as I believe I usually operated from my heartspace - with all the wonders and sorrows that it brings.  In fact, it has been my challenge to balance love with other aspects this lifetime. 


Love is a state of Being, an energy, a force.  I was deeply loved by my family so it was natural to extend it out to the world. I thought that was how we all are.  Love is a way of Being that has allowed me to be open to mystical moments and love, in all its forms. Love, in all of its intricate and divine states, allows us to trust and believe and connect and heal with All there is, including ourselves. 


Love allows us to spread our wings and fly. I believe that Love is complete at all times but sometimes… we have forgotten it along the way.  But we are Love.  Love exists in perfection in every thing and everyone that is. It is thru different life experiences with love that we experience the divine.  But Love is not a set of words – it is a feeling, a state of Being, an energy, an estatic connection with the divine and ourselves. Somehow when we try to speak about love, it smalls it down and it does not hit its mark.


So I thought--- how is this going to work this morning so we experience this feeling of Love today, here, together, this state of Being called Love.  How?  Mmmmm.. the way it has been done for thousands of years- using the vehicles of love- Music and poetry. And who better than Rumi and The Beatles? Now granted, some people might say that this is an odd couple and the love spoken about by both of these Lovers- Rumi and The Beatles- are very different but I say it’s all in the perception.


A small story about growing up-When I was a young child, we had a lot of music in our house- and lots of love - so I heard many different love songs- old and new. Until I was about 12, I thought these love songs were all being sung to God.  And when you think of most love songs- they can be thought about in that way.


“More than the greatest love the world has known- this is the love I give to you alone. More than the simple things I try to say, I only live to love you more each day.”


Just plunk a love song out of your memory and try it!  Just think about some love song you know and feel singing it to the Divine. It works. Or think about singing the love songs to The Earth, or to people who will never meet or to the birds or to the rain. It is a wonderful wrinkle to a love song formerly only sung to a human lover.  It makes every love song a hymn to the Divine.


So today I would like us all to do this and expand our feelings of love songs to other destinations, to create a mystical moment here at Interfaith with poetry and music, to experience the love, to be the love.


We are going to touch on 4 varietals of love based on old Greek terms. Now I don’t believe there are just 4 types of love- I feel there is 1 or is it a zillion but in this system there are 4 and they are: Storgay: love of children, parents, family and to extend that- our family on the earth. Philia: love of friends – old, new and ones we may meet the world over. Eros: romantic passionate love. Agapy-spiritual, Divine Love.


Each of these 4 containers of love will have poetry by Rumi accompanied on the tabla by Ed, a piece of music by the Beatles played by Sally Jo and sung by you, if you’d like, and then a moment of reflection about that specific container of Love.

And remember feel expansion of Love and Be that expansion.


Our first container of love today is STORGE -the love of children and parents and families either our own or our World family.





Last night-I was lying on the rooftop- thinking of you, thinking of you.

I saw a special star and summoned her to take you a message.

I prostrated myself to the star and asked her to take my prostration

to that Sun of Tabriz so   that    with   his light he could turn 
my dark stones into gold.

I opened my chest and showed her my scars, 
I told her to bring me news
 of my Blood      thirsty      Lover.

As I waited, I paced back and forth, back and forth

until the        child    of    my     heart      became quiet.

The child slept, as if I were    rocking    his     cradle.

Oh Beloved, give milk to the infant of the heart, 

and don't hold us from our turning.

You have cared for hundreds, don't let it stop with me now.

At the end, the town of unity is the place for the heart. 


Storge Music BY BEATLES; In My Life-

There are places I'll remember

All my life though some have changed

Some forever not for better

Some have gone and some remain

All these places had their moments

With lovers and friends I still can recall

Some are dead and some are living

In my life I've loved them all


But of all these friends and lovers

There is no one compares with you

And these memories lose their meaning

When I think of love as something new

Though I know I'll never lose affection

For people and things that went before

I know I'll often stop and think about them

In my life I love you more


Though I know I'll never lose affection

For people and things that went before

I know I'll often stop and think about them

In my life I love you more


2. The second container of love today is PHILIA-the love of friends –

 ones we know and love or those we have yet to meet on our journey!



A moment of happiness, 
you and I –sitting on the verandah, 

apparently two,  but one  in  soul, you and I. 

We feel the flowing water of life here, you and I,

with the garden's beauty and the birds singing.

The stars will be watching us, 
and we will show them 

what it is to be- a   thin   crescent   moon. 

You and I unselfed, will be together,

indifferent to idle speculation, you and I. 

The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar 
as we laugh together, you and I.

          In one form upon this earth, and in another form, in a timeless sweet land.


Philia Music BY BEATLES: With a Little Help from my Friends

What would you think if I sang out of tune,

Would you stand up and walk out on me.

Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,

And I'll try not to sing out of key.

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends,

Mmm,I get high with a little help from my friends,

Mmm, I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends.


What do I do when my love is away.

(Does it worry you to be alone)

How do I feel by the end of the day

(Are you sad because you're on your own)

No, I get by with a little help from my friends,

Mmm, get high with a little help from my friends,

Mmm, gonna to try with a little help from my friends


Do you need anybody?

I need somebody to love.

Could it be anybody?

I want somebody to love. 1:30


Would you believe in a love at first sight?

Yes I'm certain that it happens all the time.

What do you see when you turn out the light?

I can't tell you, but I know it's mine.

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends,

Mmm I get high with a little help from my friends,

Oh, I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends 2:00


Do you need anybody?

I just need someone to love.

Could it be anybody?

I want somebody to love


Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends,

Mmm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Ooh, I get high with a little help from my friends

Yes I get by with a little help from my friends,

with a little help from my friends


The third container of love today is romantic, passionate love: EROS



The Lovers will drink wine- night and day, day and night

They will drink until they can

Tear away- the veils of intellect and

Melt away- the layers of shame and modesty.

When in love-

Body, mind, heart and soul don’t even exist.

Become this-

Fall in love-

And you will not be separated again.


Love rests on no foundation.

It is an endless ocean

With no beginning or end.


A suspended ocean,

Riding   on   a   cushion   of     ancient    secrets.

All souls have drowned in it

And now dwell there.

One drop of that ocean is hope

And the rest is fear.


A true Lover doesn’t follow any one religion

Be sure of that.

Since in the religion of Love

There is no irreverence or faith.

When in love

Body, mind, heart and soul don’t even exist.

Become this!

Fall in Love!

And you will not be separated again.


Love came-

And became like blood in my body!

It rushed through my veins and

Encircled my heart.

Everywhere I looked,

I saw one thing.

Love’s name written on my limbs,        On my left palm, 

On my forehead,       On the back of my neck,        On my right big toe….


Oh my friend,

All that you see of me-

Is just a shell,

And the rest belongs      to      Love.


EROS MUSIC BY BEATLES: Here, There, Everywhere-

To lead a better life I need my love to be here...


Here, making each day of the year

Changing my life with a wave of her hand

Nobody can deny that there's something there


There, running my hands through her hair

Both of us thinking how good it can be

Someone is speaking but she doesn't know he's there


I want her everywhere and if she's beside me

I know I need never care

But to love her is to need her everywhere

Knowing that love is to share


Each one believing that love never dies

Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there


I want her everywhere and if she's beside me

I know I need never care

But to love her is to need her everywhere

Knowing that love is to share


Each one believing that love never dies

Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there

To be there and everywhere

Here, there and everywhere

4. The forth container of Love today is sacred spiritual divine love: AGAPE





You come to us 
from   another     world

From beyond    the stars
   and the void of space.

Transcendent,   Pure,
 Of unimaginable beauty,

Bringing with you-
 the essence of love.

You    transform  all   
 who are touched by you.

Mundane concerns, 
troubles,    sorrows 

dissolve in your presence,

Bringing joy 
to ruler and ruled
- To peasant and king

You bewilder us
 with your grace.

All evils 
transforms into 

You   are the master alchemist.

You   light the fire of love 
  in earth and sky

in heart and soul
  of every being.

Through your love-  
existence and nonexistence merge.

All opposites unite.- all that is profane

becomes sacred again.



Who knows how long I've loved you

You know I love you still

Will I wait a lonely lifetime

If you want me to, I will.


For if I ever saw you

I didn't catch your name

But it never really mattered

I will always feel the same.


Love you forever and forever

Love you with all my heart

Love you whenever we're together

Love you when we're apart.


And when at last I find you

Your song will fill the air

Sing it loud so I can hear you

Make it easy to be near you

For the things you do endear you to me

Oh, you know, I will

I will.



All    through     eternity

Beauty unveils Her    exquisite    form

in the solitude of nothingness;

She holds a mirror to Her Face

and beholds Her   own    beauty.

she     is the knower and the known,

the seer and the seen;

No    eye   but   Her own

has  ever looked upon this Universe.


Her every quality     finds an expression:

Eternity    becomes the verdant field

of Time and Space;

Love,   the life-giving garden of this world.

Every branch and leaf and fruit-

Reveals an aspect   of    Her    perfection-

The cypress gives hint   of Her majesty,

The rose gives tidings    of Her beauty.


Whenever Beauty looks,

Love is also there-

Whenever beauty shows a rosy cheek-

Love   lights   Her   fire   from that flame.

When beauty dwells in the dark folds of night-

Love comes and finds a heart

entangled in tresses.



Beauty and Love are as body and soul.

Beauty is the mine,  Love is the diamond.


They have lived together

since the beginning of time-

Side by side,  step by step



Love- All You Need is Love-

Love, love, love,

love, love, love,

love, love, love.

There's nothing you can do that can't be done. (ahhhhs in  back))

Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.

Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game

It's easy.


There's nothing you can make that can't be made.

No one you can save that can't be saved.

Nothing you can do but you can learn

how to be youin time - It's easy.


All you need is love, all you need is love,

All you need is love, love,

love is all you need.


There's nothing you can know that isn't known.

Nothing you can see that isn't shown.

Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.

It's easy.


All you need is love, all you need is love,

All you need is love, love, -love is all you need.


All you need is love (all together now)

All you need is love (everybody)


All you need is love, love, love is all you need. 

Archetype The Magician: November 2011

Archetype The Magician: November 2011

From a message by Linda Stern of The Convocation of the Divine Feminine sharing about The Heroines’ Journey, speaking about one selected archetype each month for a year, this one being The Magician.



Good Morning and Welcome- I’m Linda Stern.  I am so grateful to be speaking today about my one of my favorite archetypes, The Magician, transformations and Miracles.  Please hold this question while I speak- As a Magician what miracle would you bring forth or Be for the world?


This quiet, internal, introspective, going within time of the year is a perfect to consider that you have the strength, power and wisdom of the Magician to change consciousness; transform reality. And now in the season of Miracles- it is perfect to consider the Miracles you can create for yourself and the world.


Some might say – wait a minute- Magicians perform magic not miracles. But I see the two words/concepts on a sliding scale on a continuum just separated by degrees or a limited definition. It is all relative and a matter of perspective. Later there will be a sheet of wonderful quotes about magic and miracles handed out. You will see that the two words can be interchanged. Try it…it is illuminating.


So who is the first Magician you think of?  Is it the looming one in Fantasia and his apprentice, Mickey Mouse or Merlin in the realm of Arthur?  Or in a different interpretation is it the Magician as miracle workers such as Jesus or Buddha or Mother Teresa or Catherine of Siena?  


My first impression of The Magician is Source that lies deep inside of us as it lies deep inside the Cosmic Void, a void full of potential as the Womb of all Creation, as the Womb of the Divine Feminine. Now that is A Magician!


The Magician archetype is one of the most powerful positions in each of us, on our journey and in the Universe. Magicians have often served as healers and advisors to the Ruler and the Ruler in each one of us and assist all the archetypes or parts of us to change our reality. The magician has been known as shaman, witch, sorcerer, healer, priest or priestess. In times gone by it was thought that the Magician knew something that others did not. But what the Magician understood is the link between above and below, seen and unseen, interior and exterior- and that we all are a divine part of the cosmos.


In today's culture the Magician might be know as healers, doctors, psychologists, intuits, spiritual light workers, spiritual leaders, developmental consultants or marketing geniuses.


In our world’s spiritual and religious history- the innovators that founded world religions such as Jesus, Buddah and Moses performed functions as magicians and transformed consciousness,  sometimes in the form of miracles. The Magician reminds us of our link with the divine to save, redeem, or forgive. And perhaps forgiveness of ourselves and others is the most transformative power of all.


So how does the Magician in all of us transform reality?

The Magician sees the divine or sacred as a part of ourselves. Not praying or connecting to something disconnected but remembering that we all are holy, divine sparks and a part of a divine Whole. The Magician does not seek to find answers from someone else, but goes within to access inner truths.


As Magicians we know and accept we are all connected to ALL there is. The little child in us may not want to accept that or is frightened by that but look closely- and you know that on some level everything is connected, that everything is divine.  What we do as a Magician’s apprentice is to try to make this knowledge conscious on all levels- with all the responsibility and miracles that it can bring.


As an example, some shaman cultures see a person as a spider on a web that can connect to and send vibrations to any other point on the web. This can be translated to an invisible energy grid in our more techno subatomic physics hypnotized world.


As Nicola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think energy, frequency & vibrations and everything is vibrations.”


So how does The Magician miraculously build powers of transformation and change consciousness? Simply, by entering into an altered state. You see me do this every month here when I create and paint. And this started when I was very young as with most children.


When I was young my mother used to say to me “A penny for your thoughts” not knowing that at that moment there were no thoughts. I would simply be using my body as a placeholder- a point to return to this reality. I would be inside a cloud or a raindrop or flying with a bird or who knows where. Some would say that was just my imagination. Bingo! Imagination is one method of entering into an altered state!


In scientific terms I change from Beta waves to some other brainwave that allows my being to more easily accept that I am not just this, I am not just here and neither are you. All Magicians, acknowledge, revel in and are grateful for our part in the Cosmos and use these beautiful, transformational gifts for the benefit of ALL.


So altered states and getting there- There are as many different methods to reach an altered state as there are people. But some of the more known ways are meditation, prayer, imagination, visualization, ritualized movement- all of which can take us to a deep altered state of Being to connect with the Divine.


When in an altered state we can see and feel our intuition and our connection with the Divine grow. Know who you are as the Magician- dream, visualize, meditate, pray- for yourself, your family, your community, your world, the universe, the multiverse and for the divine. Be Big for your Soul Path-


As a Magician in an altered state you can acknowledge that you are indeed a beautiful shining part of the Divine and listen to the wisdom inside of you. You can trust that wisdom- your inner knowing will not steer you wrong. Surrender and act on it. Act as the Magician - The Universe will pay attention when this tumbler falls into place.


Know that what you do is for the highest and best not only for you but for the Whole. This is a gift to accept and to past along. Accept that you can change consciousness, transform reality, and create miracles.


The Magician is an alchemists transmuting base emotions into more enlightened Gold.  The Magician acknowledges and uses the ancient wisdoms such as: what is inside = what is outside,   what is above=what is below,   that each of us is a mirror of the other, and that we attract to ourselves what we are, and what is need.

The Magician in all of us already is a Miracle. So as a miracle, BE the reality that you wish to see just like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Bodhisattvas, and Mother Teresa and the person sitting next to you.


Some people might define miracles as extraordinary events that surpasses all known human or natural powers and are ascribed to a supernatural cause. But I propose that miracles are around us at each moment- if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar. Pablo Picasso


If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.– Buddha


The Magician chooses to live beyond the ordinary, and takes the opportunity to enter the realm of the miraculous in every choice that is made. The Magician believes in infinite potential. Being miracles on your own spiritual path is transformational for the self and the whole, as we are all intimately connected. The Magician remembers we can create miracles with every breath we take and with every beat of our hearts.


***A Deepening Exercise within the Message***

As a deepening today I would like to employ the highest and the best of The Magician and use information from Dr Michael Abrams book, Twelve Conditions of a Miracle. Dr Abrams retranslated the Biblical account of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, from the original ancient Greek. There he discovered techniques for creating miracles for humans by changing state, positive thought and visualization. Ah-ha…….signs of the Magician!


So please close your eyes and take a moment to connect to yourself as Magician and other Magicians here and the divine and let’s change consciousness, transform reality, and create a miracle of Peace. As Magicians, let’s set our intent to have peace prevail on earth for all her inhabitants.


1. The first condition of a Miracle is Emptiness. So still your mind to enter an altered state to create this emptiness; this void. A void pulls energy toward it-  the emptier the void — the more powerfully it pulls.

Let Peace prevail on earth.


2. The second condition of a miracle is Alignment. Evaluate your actions and thoughts in terms of whether they harm or hinder peace in your life and the world. Adjust your course so you are in alignment with Peace prevailing on earth and the universe.


3. The third condition of a miracle involves Asking. Know what you want, and how to ask for it, and the universe will fulfill your request with startling accuracy.  Ask for Peace inside yourself and the world so that peace may prevail on earth.


4. The fourth condition involves Maximizing. Expansion of what already exists, not materializing from nothing is important. Peace exists in the world, lets just expand it, expand it starting with us so that peace will prevail on earth.


5. The fifth condition involves Giving. The act of giving relieves congestion.  Give peace, give peace, give peace so that peace may prevail on earth.


6. The sixth condition involves Grounding. If a circuit is not grounded, current can’t flow through it. Ground yourself with the earth and let the power flow through you.  Feel Peace, Believe Peace. Be Peace so that Peace prevails on Earth.


7. The seventh condition involves seeing or visualizing. See the desired end clearly and it will be reached. It is an important part of our purpose as human beings to learn how to see the highest and best. Don’t deny the opposite – just don’t take it in. See Peace Prevail on earth in all forms.


8. The eighth condition is Gratitude. When a human being is in a state of true gratitude, the fabric of time and space is favorably altered. Those who use precious energy with appropriate gratitude are invariably rewarded. Conversely, if you don't use your gifts or don’t appreciate them, you can expect to lose them.

Be grateful for Peace Prevailing on Earth. 


9. The ninth condition involves Acting As If.  Act as if the miracle has already occurred. Jesus didn't wait for the bread and fish to multiply — he began to feed the people with what he had. The universe funnels its energy into the lives of those who act, those who work, those who make an effort to actually get things accomplished. Act as if Peace prevails on Earth.


10. The tenth condition involves Engaging the Cycle. Every enlightened person in history has tried to tell us that we receive as we give. What goes around comes around- give love to receive love. Give Light to receive Light. Give peace to receive peace. May Peace Prevail on Earth.


11. The eleventh condition is Receiving. Be totally open to what is going to happen….surrender. Be ready and willing to accept the flow that comes towards us and enjoy it and be totally conscious of it when it comes. Surrender to Peace prevailing on Earth.


12. The twelfth and final condition is Recycling. What happens after the miracle has manifested is just as important as what happens before. The flow of energy must not be abandoned once the miracle becomes reality.  Be apart of giving and making a miracle happen for someone or something else. Be a Miracle. Be Peace- Give Peace so that Peace Prevails on Earth.


Now- please open your eyes and know that Peace Prevails in you, on Earth and through out the Cosmos.


We reach this phase of The Magician after many stages have been experienced, after hard work has been done and some wisdom has been remembered. What we do with this wisdom and compassion and love, is up to each of us. I know that in our community, in Interfaith Community, we all have the capacity to be miracle workers for ourselves, for the world and for divine truth.  Let us all Be Powerful Miracle Magicians for our world.


So back to my earlier question- As The Magician, what miracle would you unfold for Be for your world?



***Quotes about Miracles & Magic***


Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story, which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.

C. S. Lewis


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke


Miracles happen everyday. Change your perception of what a miracle is and you'll see them all around you. Jon Bon Jovi


Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. ”

Wolfgang Von Goethe


Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature. C.S. Lewis


The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ” Eden Phillpotts


Seeing, hearing, feeling, are miracles, and each part and tag of me is a miracle. Walt Whitman


Evolvement can be learned by starting to see the magic in everything. Sometimes it seems to be hiding but it is always there. The more we can see the magic in one thing, a tiny flower, a mango, someone we love, then the more we are able to see the magic in everything and in everyone. Where does the mango stop and the sky begin? ” Joshua Kadison


Could a greater miracle take place than to look thru each other’s eyes for an instant- Henry David Thoreau


Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir the blood and probably will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die. ” Daniel Burnham


Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.

St Augustine


Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” Unknown


I think miracles exist in part as gifts and in part as clues that there is something beyond the flat world we see. Peggy Noonan


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein


Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar. Pablo Picasso


If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.– Buddha

People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child -- our own two eyes. All is a miracle. Thich Nhat Hanh

As we become purer channels for God's light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be. Marianne Williamson

You could actually be involved in a series of events and quite easily dismiss it as pure “luck”, “fluke”, “chance happenings” or “twist of fate.” Or you could see it as a miracle and perhaps feel God’s hand at work. But the remarkable thing is that once you have opened your eyes wide enough to see with your heart, they just come. Miracles found in answers that you were seeking, solutions to challenges, unexpected help, new found friendships and closing the gap between families and loved ones. Suddenly, your world is illuminated with light and you gasp with awe for everywhere miracles after miracles abound. They are not even big ones but little, tiny, small ones. Yet the greatest blessing comes from the knowing that all is well along with the feelings of love, hope, joy and peace. Unknown

Archetype The Warrior: April 2011

Archetype The Warrior: April 2011

From a message by Linda Stern of The Convocation of the Divine Feminine sharing about The Heroines’ Journey, speaking about one selected archetype each month for a year, this one being The Warrior.


Good Morning and thank you for being here. I want to thank Ed Coke for drumming the Warrior into our consciousness- amazing!  Before our gathering started, the Women of the Convocation read 100s of names of women both mythical and historical that have been and are Warriors on our earth. We wanted to invoke their presence with our gathering this morning and honor their spirit and strength and service. Their names are surrounding the altar and perhaps as you leave you might gather some and read their names and thank them for their contributions. You don’t need to know what they did, just know that they embraced the Warrior Within in the service of others.


So what is being a Warrior? If asked, each of you would have a different answer yet there would be a common thread that would run among them. There are fictional warriors,

                                          mythical warriors,

                        religious warriors,

                                           historical warriors,

wounded warriors,

                        angelic warriors,

                                             archangel warriors,

 high level warriors,

                         shadow warriors,

and spiritual warriors and I’m sure I have left out many others. There are so many different kinds of Warriors because this is an archetype that we all have some connection to.


Being a warrior is consciously and courageously claiming our power in the world to make ourselves and the world a better place and to be strong and disciplined enough to make that happen. Anything you want to do or to move in the world requires the strength and dedication of The Warrior.


Some of the Warrior’s gifts to do this are, courage and strength, integrity and discipline, making and sticking to goals, and the ability to fight for others and ourselves. The Warriors are the ones that will excel in protecting the world and her inhabitants.


Warriors come in all shapes, sizes and presentations – both light and dark.  Warriors historically have predominately been males but that’s just in the last 3000 years. Before that and recently Warriors have shifted to being both genders, as you can see from the names on the alter.


High Level Warriors are ones who protect and ennoble others and live by the Golden Rule. Whether it is our own problem, our family’s problem or that of a stranger- a High Level Warrior looks for a win-win solution to every challenge. There is no fierce Warrior than a mother who defends her children and as we all know, we are one global family. How can you embrace the Warrior within in defense of the worlds’ children?


But, of course -there is a shadow side to a Warrior. A Shadow Warrior may be a person who every single thing is a battle or a crusade and they defend it as if their life depended on it- and your might. They see the world as in need of rescue and everyone is a villain or hero. This type of Warrior sees things as black and white, wages war on people, diseases, and ideas.


If this desire to be right or to win is not checked- they may lay waste to themselves and others – which could be the world - to get money, status or power. Others will be defended but they will pay a mighty price - that of being under the warriors’ control- oppressing workers or a spouse or a nation.


In our world today there is a true need for high-level Warriors that make conscious decisions to fight for something other than self to make a difference in the world.  Warriors that engage in struggles knowing that we are all on the same team, and believe that the problem is ignorance, poverty, greed or selfishness on some level. 


As today is Easter, I’d like to share some thoughts about the Yeshua as a Spiritual Warrior.  I prefer to use the Hebrew name of Yeshua that was given to Mary by the angel, Gabriel.  I believe that Yeshua did feel he was in a struggle with greed and poverty of the soul and wanted to bring the Light and Love to the world and our hearts. And as the 4th step of Compassionate Actions suggests for us to do, I believe that Yeshua did engage in the suffering of others and used the gifts of the Warrior to do something about it. To accomplish his mission, he had to be a Warrior- a High Level Warrior to try and try and bring Love and Peace and Healing. Yeshua cared about others and his ideals so much that was he willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Clearly Yeshua was a prophet first, but he was also a spiritual warrior and revolutionary. He was willing to jump in - with both feet -for all of us, known and unknown, even when he felt betrayed in the moments of his earthly death. Yeshua was a warrior when he stood against the Ultimate Darkness, and did not succumb to it by losing his faith and love for humankind.


But Yahusha was not the only one with courage of a Warrior at this time. When his 12 disciples abandoned him with fear, the women followers stayed close through his sufferings, his death, his burial and his resurrection. It takes the courage and commitment of a Spiritual Warrior to stay with someone in great pain and an excruciating death.  Present at the crucifixion and or resurrection were Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus and James, Mary’s sister, Salome, Mary the wife of Clopas, Joanna, Susanna, the mother of Zebedee’s sons, and the mother of James and Joses. They had the courage and dedication to stay with Yahusha and not scatter.


And while the 12 disciples left him, these women made oils and spices and made plans to anoint his dead body.  Instead of finding his body of course, they found the tomb open with the angel seated at the entrance. There were five appearances of Yahusha that morning and the first two were to women, courageous women. These were Warrior Women who stood in the fire to benefit another.


As a further extension of the Spiritual Warrior, I began meditating on the Divine Feminine Spiritual Warrior that resides in us all and here is where it took me-


A Divine Feminine spiritual warrior is engaged in the discipline of mind, body and spirit in order to develop spiritual values and then proceeds with great love in the inner and outer worlds, sharing knowledge and wisdom to compassionately benefit and liberate others. 


To paint a further picture, I see The Divine Feminine Spiritual Warrior commits to expanding the heart and soul and gives love generously to themselves and others. The Devine Feminine Spiritual Warrior lives in a balance with the Divine Masculine and moves forward with loving care in service of a higher goal. 


Aligning with the Divine Feminine Spiritual Warrior, we can make a conscious, evolutionary shift beyond fearful separation and “lack of” mentality- toward a global sense of family and feeling of abundance.


So how do you access the strength and commitment of a Spiritual Warrior? The knowledge and power of an ancient Spiritual Warrior reside in us all- did you feel it with the drums?  I know I did.


It doesn’t have to be complicated accessing the Spiritual Warrior within– just look to the strength it takes for a flower to shove itself up out of the earth and seek the sun ----or the courage it takes for a baby bird to fly for the first time and seek the wind-----or just look to the courage it takes to love yourself and there you will find the buds of a spiritual warrior that will take care of your own precious heart and tend to the heart of another as a part of our global family.  We all have a role to play in the resurrection of our earth and all her children. Deep down inside you know what you need to do.


This time of the year reminds us of rebirth and the resurgence of life and of caring enough for ideals that we are willing to sacrifice for them.  Are you willing to tap into the strength of a Spiritual Warrior and walk the path to Wholeness for our whole earthly family in a compassionate sacred vision? Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, what can you resurrect as a Spiritual Warrior to bring Light to the World? What do you care enough about to stand in the fire, to help heal, to bring together, to honor, to shift– where does that lead you, how is your Inner Spiritual Warrior brought alive? 


As,Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche has said-

“The essence of a true warrior is to refuse to give up on anyone or anything until we are all transformed.”



As a deepening today I’d like you to invite several powerful Spiritual Warriors as guides-Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith, that work in a balance of Divine Masculine active energy and Divine Feminine nurturing energy. You can ask them to assist you to step into the strength and faith of a Spiritual Warrior. 

So please see yourself now as gathering the gifts of a Warrior together and then using your gifts to champion yourselves and others.

See yourself as a High Level Warrior protecting the world and all it’s inhabitants.  Love yourself and others as one, seeing yourself as a Spiritual Warrior who commits to expanding your heart in service to strangers while giving to yourself.


With all your gifts see where your joy takes you to courageously make a difference in the world and all of her inhabitants. 

The Heroine Journey -The Call: January 2010

The Heroine Journey  -The Call: January 2010


From a message by Linda Stern of The Convocation of the Divine Feminine sharing about The Heroines’ Journey, speaking about one selected step each month for a year.


Good Morning and Welcome, I am Linda Stern and today I’ll be speaking about The Call on the Heroines’ Journey.


So what is The Call?  It is many things but simply said, we can say that it’s an occurrence that reaches out to us to answer to our Longings, our desires, our itches.  The Call maybe the answer for a deep yearning in our soul…. A call the Multiverse or our higher self sends out to us to hear but for some reason……sometimes….. we just don’t hear it.  If we could just be quiet enough in our lives- we could hear our voice, hear our Bliss- hear our Call.  But in many cases we’re just not that tuned in- so a “situation” has to develop.   


This situation, The Call, is the Universe or perhaps our Higher Self knowing what we need or where we need to go and setting up something that is tailor made to call to us personally to reach our Higher Purpose, to fulfill our Bliss.  We are given and receive multiple Calls in our lifetime.  Sometimes they are huge and undeniable and sometimes they are quiet and easy to miss. But you can count on them to return again and again, spiraling around to take us to our destinations.


We are all so delightfully different that the Call comes in many different forms to reach each one of us.  There are those of us who just barely get a nudge and are off and running. There are those who recognize the call and embark in a timely fashion. There are those who take information under consideration and make their moves….. cautiously. And there are some that refuse the call and then need increased pressure to make a move.


So in the first circumstance there are those of us that barely hear a whisper and they are off running on “ Their Call.” Those amazing individuals may get the bonus of finding “magic” along the way with extra treasures of delight!!  Perhaps it’s a way of seeing life – that every moment is a calling, that every moment is a pure gift to be learned from and then shared with the world. Yes!


I’m sure you can remember an instance that you jumped into something and perhaps someone said, “What on earth can she be thinking?” Well perhaps you weren’t thinking – perhaps you were following the moment with your heart, following your call, following your Bliss.


Amila Earhart was one of those people- setting off daily from the age of 5 exploring her neighborhood with her dear sister. At the age of 23 she had her first flight in an open cockpit and never looked back. She encouraged women to hold fast to their beliefs, follow their hearts, and always dare to dream- she acted on her Call and was also a Mentor to support others to do the same. She encourages us all to embrace our Call in the moment and forget fear. After all she said  "If I should bop off, it'll be doing the thing that I've always most wanted to do." And she did.


But for most people, we need more of an invitation to step into our Higher Purpose, to seek our Bliss, to follow our Call. We lead a “normal” life and then some information comes along or something happens that acts as a call to head us off into some unknown direction ----where everything is about to change, whether we know it or not…… or whether we want it or not. Perhaps our comfort is disrupted in our Ordinary World, or perhaps our health changes for the worse and makes us re-evaluate our present situation. Or perhaps we get an inner longing to go on a quest. Or there may be restlessness with the constraints of our life or sometimes the call could be a threat to the peace of our community. And the call can be on many levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, relationships. You name it – as you actually get to do – and it is there.


Joseph Campbell said:  " Destiny has summoned the seeker and transferred her spiritual center of gravity from within her known world to a zone unknown.”  So somehow we are made aware of a place that is totally outside our normal existence. This can be exhilarating… or it can be frightening and cause a temporary stall but eventually, as with all contained combustion, there is a larger spark that launches us onto our journey.


The Bible is filled with Calls, for instance- God instructs Noah to build an ark, or in many places, angels reveal the path that one must follow, such as the Call Mary received from an angel about Jesus’ birth. 


Rosa Parks answered her Call one day on a bus. Through her resolve and faith she became a pioneer that we all have benefited from. This is one element of answering our call that we all need to acknowledge. It is not just us that benefits from our own Call, it is everyone around us in a beautiful ripple out effect. 


In the realm of the Divine Feminine, there are many stories of answering the Call.


Inanna, hearing the call, made her own journey to the Underworld.  Her descent is an example of spiritual initiation and the ultimate empowerment of voluntarily answering the Call.


Brigit, the Triple Goddess, answers the call to the underworld each year to bring back the light and Spring to our world.


And there is the example of Sophia, the Being of Wisdom who lives in a spiritual realm beyond the earth. The call for Sophia to leave the perfection all around her had to be significant. Her call came in the form of a transcendent light that she saw while gazing down on the Earth.  Drawn by her desire she descended into the world of matter.


Mary Magdelene answered her Call in her life with Jesus, spreading the message of Love. With strength and purpose she tied her life to this Calling and established a balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that we are in need of today.


For me answering the Call has taken courage to listen to my inner voice, to know that the life I am living, what I am doing, how I am Being in the world, is the right course for me. I think I am one of those people that others look at and feel-  “if she can do that, I can!”  It doesn’t matter what I am doing- I KNOW I am suppose to do it with grace and joy – and that is my calling,  for right now.


But what about the people who do not want to answer their Call? Often times the ante is upped at the expense of the person ….or others so she’ll pay attention. Sometimes we intellectually know this is where our future lies, but we still stall.


We may not want to go because we may have to give up something- position, power, goals, comfort, responsibilities, …our safety. Internal pressures may need to be powerful because answering the Call maybe too frightening and possibly threatening to our existance.  So we might need some increased actions such as worsening conditions or further attacks or in a more positive approach- encouragement from a mentor urging us, the seeker, to respond to our call.


So one way or another, we finally accept the Call- realizing that this is our destiny.  Danger maybe a part of accepting the Call-  and realizing that,  is the first step on the road to becoming a true hero or heroine. But stepping out of our fear to go on your journey is powerful.    As Joseph Campell said:  “The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek”


Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, St. Catherine of Siena- all of these Icon women answered their call in a way that encourages us all. But I find it inspiring to look around me and see the regular people who have answered the Call in everyday life.  I have a friend who sold everything – her home and business, even her clothes-  and moved to Panama to pursue her dreams. Another friend knew in her heart that the financially rewarding job she had was not fulfilling her soul, so she followed her Call, quit her job and is now making a nice living following her heart. I have friends who follow their Call and hearts in spiritual traditions outside the norm to seek their divine peace. And a person we all know followed her heart and mind and will and established this community- Karen Lindquist.  I am inspired by all of their willingness to answer a call that they did not know would turn out perfectly. But they did it anyway. A Quiet Knowing? Inspiration? Courage? Who knows, but they did it, they answered their call, they followed their bliss.


I feel that the Divine Feminine calls to us all in many ways to fulfill our potential. She lovingly guides us to step into our destiny, our wisdom, our strength, by surrendering inwards to find a more authentic power.  She encourages us to be still enough to hear our truth, to hear our Call. Our next move is already there, already beckoning us to our Higher Calling- Follow that spiral into your heart, into your being and you will hear your Call- trust your voice. It may not be logical but it will be tailor made just for you to step into your Higher Calling. And it will not be just you that benefits from you Accepting Your Call – it will be all of us


As Paulo Coelho said in The Alchemist,  "When you want something bad enough, the entire universe conspires to help you get it."


And as a great Mentor, Jesus, said:

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” 10:27




As a deepening, I’d like us to take a moment to just Be.

To be quiet and receptive enough to hear our Call. So lets all breath in slowly and sweetly. Lets all quietly connect to our heart space and see a beautiful spiral connecting your outer world with your inner world. See it in beautiful colors that speak just to you. Maybe these colors don’t exist in this reality – maybe they do. All your cells in your being are co-operating. All your cells of your being are excited with anticipation.

Now imagine yourself as a child at the age where you knew that anything is possible- no limits. That anything you ask for, you will receive. An age where being blissful is the way you are.

Now imagine a Joy filled day- perhaps your birthday where you expect to receive a precious gift- a precious gift of your call. The call will come to you in your own very special way. It will be particular to you so that you know it is –just- for -you and it will lead to your bliss and that you will accept it and say, “Yes” to the Call, “Yes!” to Life, Yes to the Universe, Yes to You!

See your gift, The Call, come to you in whatever form it is and accept it with gratitude and joy.

Believe that this is an exact fit for you now and be grateful. Sit with the gift of your Call and bond with it, name it and treasure it. 


Now take that gift and bring it back here to this reality. Bring it back in every cell of your being to celebrate the moment and your Call, to celebrate your path to Bliss. Come back to this sacred space knowing in your heart that you have received the precious gift of Your Call.

Heroine Journey - Fruition: October 2010

Heroine Journey - Fruition: October 2010

From a message by Linda Stern of The Convocation of the Divine Feminine sharing about The Heroines’ Journey, speaking about one selected step each month for a year.


Good morning and Welcome to all fellow travelers on our collective journeys. I’m Linda Stern. How appropriate it is to be speaking about the harvest of the Heroine’s Journey at the harvest time of the year on Samhain where the energies of Autumn bring us more deeply into ourselves where we can relish the bounty of our own harvests.


The Heroine’s journey is a never-ending spiral- into and out of discovery of growth for ourselves and our world. This whole year we have been on the Heroine’s Journey together, on a journey leading to Fruition, yours and mine and our collective Fruition as a community. 


So what is Fruition?  You have heard that the Boon is the Gift that we receive – perhaps an unknown source, from ourselves, from our higher selves, from Holy Mother, or from Source. And Fruition is what we do with that Gift.  At some point along our journey, we realize that the journey is not just for ourselves, and that the gift we receive is not just for ourselves, that we are not just for ourselves but all are in fact to share joyfully with the world. As part of fruition we claim our gift, we own it…. to Be it and then share it with the rest of the world as Fruition.  This whole journey transforms us and renews us, born again to share our gifts.


It is a process that if we had listened with our hearts, we would have known all along what to do. We would have known all along that the world was just waiting for us to share our precious gift. What shall we do with this precious piece of the All that we have been blessed to receive? Fruition is the sharing of that precious gift with the world.


Fruition or the sharing of our gifts, however, is not just for the world outside us but also for ourselves to feel the unbelievable joy of connection, of service, of oneness, of love, of purpose and gratitude.  It’s the feeling in the womb of no separation from Source.  This refined and transformational energy state is happening for us on earth at this time as we collectively move towards our inter-related perfection.


The sharing of our individual precious gifts is one way we can refine our energy state and create a connection with each other and the cosmos.  Your precious gift and what you do with it is important to the world, to be shared and explored by yourself and us all. 


From the viewpoint of Holy Mother-what is Fruition?

Holy Mother holds us within the womb of total possibilities, nurturing us, promoting us, holding a holy space for us and providing us with the experiences and insights that can produce enlightenment. So Her Fruition can be thought of as being as… vast as the Universal Womb or as……. vast as the space in your hearts.


She patiently waits, as a mother might do, for us to embrace our potential and bring our Gifts to the world, for us to Be Fruition, and what is needed for ourselves and the Universe.   


She encourages us to take the leap to Fruition. Here- take it- Now!- now go and share it!! Share it with your brothers and sisters. It matters little how you define your gift- Be It.   How would it be if we were given the most precious of gifts and did not answer or answered with a placid “ok…thanks”. 


To really Be our Fruition, we need to cellular-ly feel our Gift so we can passionately embrace our future and share the Gold of ourselves with the world, with the multiverses, with Holy Mother and Holy Father.  You see, you are the Gift and you are the Fruition. Do not make little of yourself or your wonderful gift. Do not think small. Each one of us has a gift ….is a gift….that we can share with the world and ourselves and without that piece….we all are not whole, we will all not reach collective Fruition.


On a personal level, I have been thinking about my gifts and how I share it with the world. Recently I wrote a children’s book about my son Andy coming into our lives. I had this divine moment, this gift, this an intimate, ultimate feeling of grace from Holy Spirit concerning adoption. So I sat down to write the story- and boom! it came out quickly as it had already been written, right?  I then took a year to illustrate it with 30 beautiful whimsical paintings. And this all felt like a second of time! I was filled with purpose bringing my gift out to the world.  And I was filled with joy each and everyday. I had an amazing experience filled with love from Holy Spirit using my gift of art and writing and then joyfully bringing it to Fruition.


For me the pureness of the experience I described was enough. But when I completed the illustrations and story, some people suggested that I get the story. “out there”  At first I did not contact any publishers as I believed that if it was to be published,  someone would serendipitously knock on the door and say something like, “I hear you’ve written a book and I’d like to publish it.” NO fooling- I really did as the experience of creating it was so immense.  So I waited and you know what?  Nothing happened.


So after I got over my amazement at the invisible publisher…..I recommitted to sharing this gift with the world, and got to work and sent the story out to quite a few publishers that shared a similar mission statement in the world. This was an exciting time filled with purpose and anticipation. And then I waited….


And you know what? …….no one has wanted it thus far.  Polite responses, yes, but no takers. Was I disappointed and confused?  Yes, I was – how could I have been that far off??   I really feel the story is a story of divine love for all ages of people.  So do the rejections invalidate my gift?   Do the rejections invalidate the Fruition? What is the Fruition? Does it invalidate me?  Absolutely not, but I can’t lie and say that it didn’t affect me.


So what do you do when life doesn’t turn out as you anticipated? What do you do when the fruititon of your gift is not as imagined?  Did I want the Fruition of my beautiful gift to be disappointment? Non-belief?  Sadness?  Cynicism?  Absolutely not.  Saw those appetizers on the menu and I don’t want them. No thanks.


But I do know that sometimes we travel on our path, we go to the depths of the labyrinth, we do the work and bring back a precious gift that we want to share with the world……and then no one sees it. And sometimes that gift can be our beautiful hearts that we are willing to expose and take a chance and see what happens. As a part of our fruition, I feel that we have the opportunity in each moment to define our experience and to surrounded it with joy and love no matter what the circumstances, to refine our energetic expression in the world.


For me, my gift and its’ fruition is still precious.  For me I know that if one person is touched by the story, I have had a positive impact. And at least one person was touched by my gift, as my son Andy knows how loved and precious he is by the words and paintings. And there are all the people – friends and strangers alike- who have seen the story and illustrations over the years who have been very touched as well. And really, you can never tell how your acts touch the world for many lifetimes.


I also believe that while doing or creating anything be it dance, art, architecture, prayer, a letter, a day at work, a smile…. the energy that is purely created is very powerful and important in the universe. And for me creating pure joy and loving energy is where the gift and the Fruition are at no matter what you are doing.  So perhaps the fruition in the example of the book came in the creation process or when I placed the last brushstroke and last period on the page or when the photographer saw the painting and cried or when Andy read it for the umteenth time on his 21st birthday- who knows? The Love billows out of the story and paintings and what more could I ask for?  I received fruits of this harvest many years ago and perhaps…..shared that bounty with just the right amount of people already.  But perhaps the vineyard will at some point have another harvest….who knows  as the Heroine’s Journey cycles around, in and out, over and over again in our whole lives. 


We get to choose in every moment our Gifts and what we do with it…our Fruition. We can make every moment precious with gratitude, wisdom, Love, Joy, Compassion that we share as Fruition with our fellow travelers in our family, community and world. I feel that the ultimate Fruition is all of us together in an inter-related connection in this precious moment. Collectively we are Holy Fruition - a gift back to the universe, to Holy Mother and Holy Father sharing joy, love, and compassion on our journey.


Now….. I’d like to ask you to shine light on a gift you have created- the gift that you are. I’d like you to embrace it fully with love and passion, and see it coming to Fruition in our world. Listen to the joy-filled music that Isla is going to play and fill your Gift and it’s Fruition with its’ joy and Be your Gift. You can even get up and move to your vision. Have the energy of the music give your gift wings and have it to fly to a gracious, splendid Fruition.  Afterall, when all of life is seen as divine everything grows wings! Enjoy!

Sophia Goddess of Wisdom: November 2009

Sophia Goddess of Wisdom: November 2009

From a message by Linda Stern of The Convocation of the Divine Feminine sharing about Divine Feminine Wisdom, speaking about one selected aspect of The Divine Feminine each month for a year.


Good morning. This year it has been our pleasure this year to share and learn diverse Divine Feminine aspects of Wisdom. Across the ages, wisdom has been known as feminine and in all Her presentations it has been enlightening to see wisdom defined in so many ways. This Wisdom is not an accomplishment of the intellect but an experience of the soul, of the heart and a way to be in the world.  Today, I am blessed to share insights about Sophia.


Please join me to connect with the essence of Sophia. Aaaaaaah is a sound that opens the heart and Eeeeee is a sound that opens the crown.  Let the tones flow one into the other, calling out to Sophia to let her ignite the Light of wisdom in you. Join me and let the sounds fill you, opening your heart, your mind and your spirit.


Many mystics over the ages have been filled with the brilliance of Sophia and wanted to share her Wisdom and Light. Here is a prayer written by the Mystic St Hildegard in 1157 speaking about Sophia.


“I am Wisdom. Mine is the blast of the resounding Word through which all creation came to be, and I quickened all things with my breath so that not one of them is mortal in its way; for I am Life.   Indeed I am Life, whole and undivided -- not hewn from any stone, or budded from branches, or rooted in virile strength; but all that lives has its root in Me.  For Wisdom is the root whose blossom is the resounding Word...”


My conscious connection with Sophia began about 6 years ago when I was asked to speak about Wisdom. Two of the things you might know about me is that I am heart driven and that I trust my inner voice……especially when I don’t know what I am doing. So I sat in prayer and meditation. I had a pen in my hand and one word came flowing out – SOPHIA.  At that point in time, I didn’t know Who She Is.  I didn’t even know that in Greek this name meant Wisdom.


I did not know the wealth of information that has been written……. and not written about her over the millennium.  This experience was a gift. She answered a question I asked. And she led me to a point that would activate me to step onto my experiential path.


Following that of course, I did some investigation into who Sophia is, and found out that humans have called Her Wisdom Incarnate, and the Eternal Mother and the universal mind set of Wisdom. So, you can imagine my astonishment when I found this information. For me it was wonderful that by sitting in openness, and listening to my heart, my inner voice– Sophia showed me her light, gifted me with her wisdom and has guided me on my path. This was experiential not learned.


Since that time, Sophia has guided me to always choose the Wisdom of the Heart, to not be afraid and to connect to the one Light. She has been a guide, a confidant, a protector, and a beacon of Love and Light.


Sophia always has been and always will be. She has been called by many names and no names at all. She is in all that is. The purity and the strength of Her Love, Light and Wisdom is always available – all we need do is tune into our hearts and ask.  It is a frequency that our cells are wired to.   


Humanity has tried to define Sophia in many ways.  One description is the Holy Mother who is the totality of all Divine Feminine aspects, another description is that She is the one aspect of Wisdom, and yet another description is the symbolic representation of Spirits’ path of decent and ascent, that we all are on. And all of these exist together.


The name Sophia of course is Greek and was used in that part of the world by many paths including the Abrahamic traditions. But She is also known by many other names. Some of them are Athena in Greece, Shelanagigs in the Celtic tradition, the wise bride of Solomon by the Jews, the Black Goddess, Brigit, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Green Tara, Saraswati, Great Mother.  Sophia is also known as the Holy Spirit of Wisdom represented by the dove.


I would like to point out that in the community art piece over the door, that there appeared a Dove in the center formed by our hands. That was not planned but simply appeared. This to me is a sign that we are honoring the Divine Feminine and the wisdom of Sophia and that She is in this sacred space.


There is so much to say about Sophia and for me it is difficult to give words to something that is wise beyond my knowing. I feel that the ancients knew that wisdom was not one portrayal but many and Sophia is the archetype of the totality of wisdom. 


Here is a passage written by the Gnostics that captures the totality of Sophia well.


“I Am the thought that dwells in the Light. I am the movement that dwells in the All.  I Am She in whom the All takes its stand. She who exists before the All. I move in every creature.


I am the life of thought that dwells within every Power and every eternal movement, in invisible Light and with Angels and Demons, and every soul. Those who sleep, I awaken.


I am the Invisible One with the All, I am immeasurable, I am the head of the All. I existed before the All, Since I exist in everyone, I am the All.


I am a voice speaking softly. I dwell within the Silence that surrounds every one. And it is the hidden Voice that dwells within me.

I am the Womb that gives shape to the All by giving birth to the light that shines in splendor. I am the fulfillment of the All.”


Sophia is found throughout the wisdom books in the Bible’s Old Testament. Here is one of my favorites in the book of Proverbs:


“When God set the heavens in place, I was present, When God fixed the clouds above, When God fixed fast the wells of the deep, When God assigned the sea its limits- I was present. When God established the foundations of the earth, I was by God’s side, a master creator.”


Given this mind set, is it any wonder that Sophia is constantly associated with wise King Solomon. In Wisdom 7 in the Old Testament Solomon sang her praises saying:


 ”She gave knowledge of the structure of the world and the operations of the elements, the beginning and the end of epochs, the alternating solstices and changing seasons…..I learned it all, hidden or manifest for I was taught by Sophia, by her whose skill made all things.”


The Gnostics have powerful writings about Sophia.  As a part of their view, Sophia is the light and the All and chose a decent into matter creating the world. And then a gradual ascent, through the wisdom of experience, back into the state of Grace, leaving us all with a little bit of Her Divine Spark.


Her ascent, like our own journey, was challenging. The descent was like a lightning bolt, and she was not immediately “rescued” out of the chaos of the lower worlds. Her path back into the Grace was a gradual process, much like ours. This enabled her to become more conscious of who she is and her own power. She was filled with gratitude and a Knowing of Her own Light and purpose. Again, much like our own journey.


Sophia was helped out of the chaos just a little at first so that she was aware that things were better, and that her tormenters were farther away, but she didn’t know who helped her.  Eventually, after she made several moves out of the chaos, her Helper was revealed to her.  She saw the Brilliance of the Source in dazzling glory and in their ecstatic reunion, light-sparks poured out of them and showered the world to empower all of the exiled Sophia light – you know……us….to return to Grace.


Sophia always kept her faith, knowing who she was and that she is the Light ----which kept her clean and untouched by the chaos. Like her, when we remember the wisdom that we are amazing spiritual light on a journey, we are safe.


Within each of us, there is Wisdom, a beautiful divine spark, a beautiful pearl, unsullied by the chaos of the world around us. This is a knowing of the heart, not a learned action. It is not taught in a course or a book--- it is wisdom experienced, it is wisdom felt, and it is wisdom lived. Look inside at your heart, look now at your wisdom and you will see and feel that beautiful Light. On our paths, if we’re lucky, a Messenger of Light comes to help us see and remember our own Spark and that we are spiritual light filled beings.  And then we remember who we are and indeed why we descended into matter in the first place.


In the account of Sophia, she is resplendently spread across the Multiverses as Light, The Light, into each of us, into everything.  In Sacred Geometry, it is said that there are shapes and formulas that are present in most everything in the universe, including us, uniting us All. Some think this is the presence of Sophia.  Some others think that Sophia is the alchemical spark that was present in the “Big Bang” that spread herself across the universe.


It is said that Sophia created and designed matter, clothing God’s thoughts in form and then she hid in that matter as drops of light- leaving clues in everything for us all to discover.  When we have the wisdom and innocence, to see Sophia, hidden in everything, we can invoke her light in our world and ourselves.


One way to do this would be to see your heart as a loving space that contains Sophia’s wisdom, light and love and then to see Sophia in everyone and everything around you – everything, as grand as a Galaxy and as minute as a drop of water. And then to really feel that Holy connection. Take a moment and feel that and sit in the Wisdom of yourself and of Sophia. Truly, the Wisdom of the Heart is full of Light, her Light and yours ---and can shine on your path to your own personal ascent to Grace.


In Wisdom 6 it is written- “Wisdom shines brightly and never fades; she is easily discerned by those who love her, and by those who seek her, she is found. She is quick to make herself known to those who desire knowledge of her; if you rise early in search of her, you will not grow weary in the quest, for you will find her seated at your door.”

Goddess of Wisdom Bridget: June 2009

Goddess of Wisdom  Bridget: June 2009

From a message by Linda Stern of The Convocation of the Divine Feminine sharing about Divine Feminine Wisdom, speaking about one selected aspect of The Divine Feminine each month for a year.





Welcome and thank you for being a part of the Convocation. As you have heard, the focus this year is Divine Feminine Wisdom and today I am blessed to share the perspective of Celtic Divine Feminine Wisdom. As I looked at all the information about Celtic Goddesses, I was struck by the diversity of the descriptions – Goddess of the water, of the mountains, of the sky.  Goddess of childbirth, of mourning, of joy, of love, of passion, and of course – Goddess of Wisdom. 


There were quite a few Celtic goddesses of Wisdom, which is a confirmation of the concept of respect for the Divine Feminine. I feel that the ancients recognized that Wisdom is manifested in many ways, taught in many ways and learned in many ways, by having more than one goddess that portrays the aspect of the Divine Feminine Wisdom. 


The Ancient Celtics venerated their pantheon in conjunction with the elements, nature and naturally occurring human actions and taught their lessons through them. 


So- here are some of the Wisdom Goddess in the Celtic tradition.


Cerridwen- To the Celts of the British Isles and Brittany, she was Goddess of Wisdom, Poetry and Grain, who is often depicted with her Cauldron of Wisdom.


Blodeuwedd -The Welsh Triple Goddess of wisdom, moon mysteries, and initiations.


Druantia- Queen of the Druids, the Goddess of passion, sex, fertility, protection, knowledge, and creativity.


And BRIDGET, the Celtic Triple goddess, that embodies Wisdom in her three main presentations that of Inspiration, Healing and Blacksmithing, using the elements of fire and water, and who’s history stretches for thousands of years.


Today I am going to honor Bridget, who in my Scottish heritage is called Bride. First, I would like to share a prayer with you to Bridget.  It is asking for Bridget’s protection and guidance.

A bat Breed, share osh mo keon go vrat fion gom ankal. 


Which means, “Oh, Bridgid, spread above my head, your mantle bright to guide me.”


To give a feeling of Bride’s beginning, I am going to tell her story of birth.


A long time ago, at the first crack of a pink dawn, near the waters of the magic well,

the goddess Bride slipped into the world and

the waiting hands of the nine sisters who swayed and crooned in a great circle around her.

The waters of the magic well gurgled their joy.


Suddenly, up rose a column of fire out of Bride’s head that burned to the very heavens connecting the above with the below. 

Then she reached up her hands and broke away a flaming plume from her crown of fire and dropped it on the ground before her.

There it leaped and danced.

From this fire, Bride used both her hands to draw out a leaping tongue of flame, swallowed it, and felt the fire burn straight to her heart.

There stood the goddess,

fire crowning her head,

fire licking out from her heart,

and fire glowing, shooting and dancing from her hands.

The nine sisters hummed and the waters of the magic well trembled as Bride built a chimney of stone around the dancing fires of transformation and life.

Bride is associated with both the inner fires of the soul as well as the physical fires of the hearth underscoring the wisdom that the inner and outer worlds live in unity.

As one of the most popular and ancient goddesses she is worshipped by the Celtic people, including the Druids. She is the goddess of all high places such as the highlands and hill-forts and of activities and states of being considered elevated, such as wisdom, perfection, high intelligence, poetic eloquence, healing ability, and druidic knowledge.


As a triple Goddess, Bridget has much wisdom to share with us. In her first aspect, she presented her wisdom of Inspiration. Manifested in this aspect she was revered by creative folk, to help them step across the veil and back -with protection -to bring back the song, verse, prophecy and art that she inspired.  In those days, everyone knew that to be a creative spirit, one was also a diviner and there was a direct connection between poets and shamans and seers.   Druids counted her as one of their own. Her wisdom has taught us to listen to the quiet inner voice that we all have to tie us to creativity. In a larger sense, Bride blesses the creative inspiration in all that we do with her fiery creative spark.


In her birth story, the fire of inspiration and creativity came from flames blazing brightly from Bride’s head.  This column of fire from her head connected heaven and earth; above and below, balancing the creative female energies with action orientated male energies. The wisdom of an inspiration or a spark of creativity burning brightly in us --is taught in this aspect. Let an idea or an action or a creation burn brightly in you and then let it burn brightly for others to see. Connect your inspirations with the Divine and bring it here to this plane. 


In her second aspect Bridget brings the Wisdom of Healing.  She honors the water that we are all birthed in, made of and need to survive. In this aspect, she honors the healing arts of body, mind and spirit. She blessed many springs and wells, that are still venerated today. Bridget’s wisdom advised us to finding a clean, clear spring, or fast moving body of fresh water that is sparkling with sunlight, and to lathe it on for a restorative cure. She was light years ahead of the therapeutic work done at healing centers found all over the world.  And light years ahead of the realization that we must honor our lifeline to water. Bridget’s wisdom of healing, that asks to connect our own inner waters and then to connect to pure, clean water outside of us to wash away impurities, is an age-old wisdom. Singing a song of phrase or saying words of a prayer to the waters that exist both inside and outside of us is an excellent way to change at a cellular level and to heal. And Bridget promoted this.


In her third aspect Bride brings the Wisdom of Blacksmithing.  In this aspect she brought the ancient mystery of Alchemy, which was hidden in the fire knowledge of blacksmithing.  She also connected the wisdom of the home through the hearth fire. Also Wisdom gained through strength was a part of this aspect- like strengthening metal with fire, the fire of life strengthens us.


Transformation is associated with the concept of alchemy -thru sitting in the fire with your own true authentic self. Bride is teaching us, that sometimes we need to feel the fire, to react to the fire, to be changed and charged by the fire. …into a warrior, into a lioness, into the strength needed to put one foot in front of the other to walk on our own particular path.   Fire is Light that burns brightly in us and in the dark to help show others the way.

Sometimes if we get too close to the flames, we may just get burned --but in our jumping into the flame we are transformed into something new, something more a part of the whole, something forged into a product that is much stronger and more pure – dross into gold.


Bridget’s wisdom speaks across the ages for us to hear. She shares her wisdom of transformation using fire and water for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I’d like to end with a poem by an unknown poet called Ode to Bridget


Guardian of the sacred springs

Whose voice is the soul of the harp

We call on Thee.


Teach our hands to heal and our hearts to sing.

We entrust our life's progress to your care

And ask that you shape us,

Bending and turning our hearts on your bright anvil of flame till we are made perfect jewels.


We thank you for your gifts to us of Poetry and Music

Of laughter and tears,

And for the healing balm of your Wisdom.


May we always remember to meditate

On the gift of your sacred waters,

Which surround us at birth

And sails us to our destiny.


Our hearts are open to receive your blessings,

Midwife of our souls, rain on us,

Shower your inspiration in curtains of song from

sacred waterfalls in the realm where you dwell.


Help us see your Mystery in all creation,

That we may know gratitude and reverence.

As our hearts sing to you with love.