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Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas is an active member of Interfaith Community Sanctuary who has served on the Guiding Council for 10 years as secretary, president, and currently as treasurer. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Project Ethiopia and the Suraiya Ataur Medical Clinic in the village of Chondipur, Bangladesh. Sally Jo has been ordained as a Cherag, a minister, of Universal Worship with Sufi Order International. She also volunteers regularly at the Ballard Ecumenical Homeless Ministry, and is an apprentice with Seattle Restorative Justice Project. She has been a public school educator and administrator for over 30 years.

Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas
and Michael Bodhi Douglas
were Called to Associate Ministry
on Sunday May 8th 2016
by Interfaith Community Sanctuary co-ministers
Imam Jamal Rahman and Reverend Karen Lindquist.
(View photos of the ceremony below.) 

Sally Jo and Michael publicly receive their Call to Associate Ministry
and the Rumi poem "This is a Gathering of Lovers" is read by Rev. Karen Lindquist.

Imam Jamal Rahman offers a reading from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman:
"This is what you shall do..."

Reverend Karen Lindquist anoints Sally Jo and Michael with rose oil applied to their third eye and upon their hands.

After receiving a Kwan Yin Blessing from Reverend Karen Lindquist, a certificate and an interfaith pin from Imam Jamal Rahman, Michael and Sally Jo were then draped in a veil of light ...


Sally Jo and Michael blessed the congregation by passing the veil of light over the crown chakra of each person as their first act as Associate Ministers. Imam Jamal Rahman assisted in this blessing while Rev. Karen Lindquist offered this Gnostic prayer:

O Gentle, O Kind, O Blessed Sophia,
Thy children on earth call unto Thee.
We pray Thee, Beloved Mother,
to cast forth thy net of woven starlight.
Fling it wide across the ocean of the universe
to gather us home to the realms of Light.