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Huffington Post Article
"Peer to Peer Diplomacy: Open Sourcing Peace"
by Jacob Devaney
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Below is a statement by Rev. Bishop William Swing, founder
United Religions Initiative:

"In the space between one religion and another religion, there is often a hard history of grievances, memories of coerced conversions, and competing claims of ultimate truth. So the space between religions is often toxic. This toxicity drags neighborhoods and regions into religious strife that stymies daily life, sometimes leading to intimidation and, in the worst cases, horrific spectacles like beheadings.
URI's purpose is to fill the space between religions with interfaith bridges so that the grassroots people of all faith traditions, indigenous communities and humanistic groups can cross over, and discover other believers, and take positive actions together. URI is not a religion, nor a United Nations of Religions. URI is grassroots and singularly tries to fill the void between religions with something that the world needs desperately: bridges between cultural, religious and spiritual differences.
Religions are about salvation. URI is about civilization. People around the world have responded to this mission of URI; in a few years, URI has expanded to more than 675 Cooperation Circles in 85 countries, touching the lives of over three million people daily."

The United Religions Initiative (URI) is based in San Francisco, California, with regional offices in 16 countries and representatives in the UN in New York, Geneva and Nairobi. It is led by The Right Rev. William E. Swing, Founder and President, The Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr., Executive Director, and Kiran Bali, MBE JP, URI Global Council Chairperson, all of whom are internationally recognized interfaith leaders...


We celebrated  UN World Interfaith Harmony Week
through interfaith worship Sunday February 1st 2015
and on Sunday February 7th 2016


Our URI CC held the 2015 13th annual 
InterSpiritual Community Summit
Friday July 17th, Saturday July 18th, Sunday July 19th
Reclaiming Our Responsibility for the Sacred
View past Flyer with details Here 



Our International Day of Peace Vigil was held 
Monday September 21st 2014 Noon to 7:00pm.
View the 2014 flyer for IDPV here. Follow this link to read more.

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We honored our connection with URI  
in a worship celebration July 2011.
Read a summary here.


Members of Interfaith Community Sanctuary created a United Religions Initiative (URI) Cooperation Circle in preparation for the signing of the URI Charter in 2000.

Our United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle was initially called: Interfaith Circle of Love. In 2013 we chose to rename our circle. We are now Interfaith Community Sanctuary URI CC. We are in the process of updating our information on the website.

Interfaith Community Sanctuary URI CC's updated description is below:

Our purpose is to create a genuine interfaith community by celebrating diversity, respecting one another and embracing compassion. We aspire to help one another evolve into the fullness of our being through dialogue, education, fellowship, spiritual practice and interspiritual worship, in order that we may be of authentic service to All of Creation.


For many years our URI CC hosted an outdoor city-wide interfaith prayer and music gathering at a local park followed by a contemplative walk around the lake on New Year's Eve. This gathering was birthed at the URI 72 Hour Peacebuilding initiative at the turn of the millennium.

Annually we observe International Day of Peace and some years we hold a vigil, some years open our space for different communities may come for an hour or two and share their peace practices with the public. In 2013 we held a Sonic Peace Temple in our Sanctuary, creating a prayerful sacred space for anyone to relax, experience or contemplate peace. One year an "Earth Healing Ritual" was created by one of the members of Interfaith Community Church.

Every fall we partner with TIN (The Interfaith Network) to share a public Inter-Faith Inter-Spiritual Celebration of Gratitude at Thanksgiving. We bring at least 9 traditions together sharing song, chant, prayer, words of wisdom and cookies! This is a family gathering often held at St. Patrick Church in Seattle. 

Our members include:

Linda Stern, Ancient Mysteries; Lisa Yanak, Baha'i Faith; Sibyl Lundy, Buddhism; YOUTH: Anastasia Lindquist, Christianity Catholic; SiSwinKlae Laurel Boucher, First Peoples;  Karen Lindquist, Interfaith;  Jamal Rahman, Muslim; Steven Greenebaum, Jewish Unitarian Universalist;  Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas, Lover of God & Seeker After Truth; Steve Crawford, Rational Faith; Anita Mammoser, (faith/spiritual tradition tba,) Mohammad Fani, Muslim. Michael Douglas Sufi, Ruth Ann Lonardelli, Unity Center Of Peace.



We join with other Cooperation Circles around the world.

The United Religions Initiative Interfaith Cooperation Circles (CCs) are the heart of United Religions Initiative. Each is independently organized, self-governing and self-funding, they build cooperation among people of all faiths and traditions to address the most pressing issues facing their collective communities, including poverty, religiously motivated violence, environmental degradation and more.