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Rental Rates:

Fellowship Hall: $75.00 per hour.
Healing Room: $50.00 per hour.
Sanctuary: $200.00 per hour.
A deposit equal to the first hour of rental is required to reserve a room. 

Our kitchen is a shared space. When you rent a room you will have access to the kitchen for water, tea, and light snacks with use of the refrigerator. Other groups renting other rooms in the building will also have access to the kitchen. Coordinating breaks with other building users is suggested. 

Rental of the entire building is $400.00 per hour.

Wedding Rates are subject to change: 2015 rates as follows: $1200.00 for ceremony.  A $500.00 deposit is required to reserve your date. Add $500.00 for a minister of Interfaith Community Sanctuary to officiate your wedding. Add $200.00 to your deposit and $200.00 to your rental for a reception in Fellowship Hall. 

If you would like to rent a room at Interfaith Community Sanctuary for your class, workshop, or other gathering, please contact the Sanctuary Office:, 206.783.1618.
If you would like to reserve a date for your wedding, contact Rev. Karen Lindquist, 206.783.1618.

ICS Calendar of Events

Aug 17, 6:00 AM
Sound Healing Circle with Shay Nichols In this class we will learn how sound can be used to nurture ourselves, creating opportunities for deep relaxation and release. The benefits of toning include relaxation, lowering blood pressure, and bringing a sense of connection and overall well-being. We will create a sound healing circle of soothing tones and healing vibrations.  Shay Nichols is a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies Voice/Sound Healing program and Open Ear Center, Shay developed her own voice work based on principles of sound healing, vocal improvisation, and creative musical exploration. She blends this voice work with the body-centered therapeutic modalities of Hakomi and RCS into a holistic coaching method, helping people find transformation through voice and deep listening.
Aug 18, 1:30 PM
Friends: All friends are welcome to join together in prayer in the Islamic tradition on Fridays in the Healing Room of Interfaith Community Sanctuary Our prayer experience is guided by Muslim/Christian scholar and teacher, Ann Holmes Redding. This is a woman-led prayer experience. Whenever possible, prayers are offered in both Arabic and English. The weekly address is offered in English. Women and men pray together. We begin at 1:00pm. Please enter through the east garden door.
Aug 20, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary
Imam Jamal Rahman  Our monthly community POTLUCK luncheon follows the morning worship. Please bring a prepared dish to share.  Read more about Imam Jamal Rahman here and here.  
Aug 21, 7:30 PM
Zikr of Presence is shared by the Mevlevi Order of America Seattle Circle on the third Monday each month at 7:30pm: "Zikr of Presence," a traditional spontaneous movement prayer of the Mevlevi dervishes. We move and chant in unison in Remembrance of the Unity of God. All are welcome. View flyer here. Questions? Call Cherag Michael Douglas 206.769.1980 or Rev. Karen Lindquist divinepresencewithin (at) yahoo (dot) com. Location: Ballard Odd Fellows Hall, 1706 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA 98107. Website:
Aug 22, 6:00 PM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary
All women and children welcome.  We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday each month at 6:00pm. This gathering shares First Peoples Northwest Coast traditions and teachings with song, story, dance. Bring drums, rattles, bells... If your way is open, please bring a potluck dish to share.  Facilitator: Siswinklae Laurel Boucher.  Location: InterfaithCommunity Sanctuary1763 NW 62nd Street, Seattle, WA 98107. Please confirm dates on website: Please Note: This is a clean and sober gathering. FLYER here.
Aug 24, 6:30 PM
Copper Canyon Press / Port Townsend publishes emerging poets such as Ocean Vuong and well known poets like Pablo Neruda. We read a variety of poets and styles. We share our poetry efforts without negative criticism of participant’s writings. Our aim is to engage one another socially and establish friendships through the medium of poetry. We meet monthly at Interfaith Community Sanctuary (1763 NW 62nd Street in Ballard) on the fourth Thursday evening 6:30—8:30pm. Contact: David Jenkins (360) 390—8104,
Aug 26, 6:00 PM
"An Evening of Stars" Our annual Fun-raiser!Please come and support Interfaith Community Sanctuary.If you cannot attend in person, kindly make your donation on our website.
Aug 27, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary
Rev. Karen Lindquist is co-founder and co-minister of Interfaith Community Sanctuary. Our spiritual discernment for the month of August as part of our exploration of Engaged Buddhism taught by Thich Nhat Hanh is "Protecting and Nourishing the Sanga."   Read more here. According to Thich Nhat Hanh, a sangha is a community of friends practicing the dharma together in order to bring about and to maintain awareness. He says the essence of a sangha is awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony and love. He cautions that if these qualities are not present in a community, it is not a true sangha. Practitioners of the Buddhist path traditionally take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. The Buddha can be viewed as higher consciousness, the Dharma as your purpose in life, and the Sangha, your tribe. As friends practicing the Dharma together in our Sangha, within this worship service, we will reflect upon our purpose in life — our unique gift, or special talent, we desire to share with the world. We discover that as we share our unique gift/talent in a spirit of service to others — we naturally unleash ecstasy and exultation from deep within that births new life and creativity into our world.
Aug 29, 6:30 PM
We will be syncing with the global prayer happening at the same time.
Sep 01, 6:30 PM
**** EVENING CONSTELLATION CIRCLE We gather on the first Friday evening each month at Interfaith Community Sanctuary. part of a regular monthly schedule of brief Evening Circles in community settings, designed to be easily accessible to all. Minimal donation, one or two personal Constellation spaces available each evening, repeated opportunities to experience, explore, and practice together in Nature and Environmental Constellations, Community Constellations, Systemic, Organizational and Health-related Constellations on topics and issues affecting our Beloved Community. Please feel free to REGISTER with Katherine by using this email at: or ***** and you are welcome to leave questions in a message for Karen Stocker at (206) 363-5555 x 1064. with love, respect, gratitude and best wishes, Karen and Katherine!
Sep 03, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary
Honoring the Guest: Interfaith Worship SeriesExploring Diverse Faith & Spiritual TraditionsSunday September 3rd "A Ritual of Catholic Mass"with Franciscan Priest, Father Dan DuvalRead more about this worship service and all of our guest worship services  here.
Sep 05, 7:00 PM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary
First & Third Tuesdays each month Ongoing study group for variety of course related topics.All are welcome whether you are new to the course or a long time student.There are no fees or dues. A Love offering for use of the sacred space at Interfaith Community Sanctuary is collected at each gathering. For more info, contact one of the facilitators: Theressia phone: 206.999.6987email: theressia (at) rosehedge (dot) org, or Jonathan phone: 206.713.1237email: jonathanvanvalin (at) hotmail (dot) com.
Sep 07, 7:30 PM
Ballard Odd Fellows Hall
Please Note: There will be no gathering on Monday July 3rd because of the holiday weekend. We invite you to join us for a prayer gathering!  Full details are included below, visit our website: , or view flyer here. The Mevlevi Order of America welcomes all to our public  Estag'furullah Zikr on the first Monday of the month (not on Labor Day 9/7) beginning at 7:30pm in the  Ballard Odd Fellows Hall, 1706 NW Market Street in Seattle. Zip 98107. The Seattle Circle of Mevlevi invites you to join us for this beautiful prayer of forgiveness, redemption, music, Love, movement in Unity, reaching out to each other and the entire world in the spirit of inclusion, grace and beauty of  Hazrati Pir Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, peace and blessings upon him and his worldwide family. This special prayer in movement and music is from the inspiration of Postneshin Jelaleddin Loras, founder of the Mevlevi Order of America. Throughout the evening we invoke the Forgiveness of God for all of our shortcomings by singing the word "Esta'furullah." This expression is similar to the asking of Forgiveness within the Christian Lord's Prayer, and the annual Yom Kippur request of God to Forgive humanity within the Jewish tradition. Many other spiritual traditions also practice prayers of Forgiveness. This gathering is welcoming of all people of any spiritual path or no spiritual path.Dress modestly, yet comfortably for ease of movement, wear thick socks for floor movement as this gathering is fully participatory... If you cannot physically participate, do not worry, there are many comfortable benches around the room that you may rest upon while still being included within the prayer circle.Follow this link to the Mevlevi Order of America website to discover more about Rumi's spiritual tradition: The MOA is a not-for-profit educational organization.Cost: Love Offering (Suggested $15) No one is turned away for lack of funds!
Sep 10, 5:00 PM
Join us for a Sunday night of acoustic Blues music with Grant Dermody and Mark Riley and poetry as each of the Pacific NW Interfaith Amigos shares and reflects on a favorite poem. Love Offering.
Sep 17, 12:30 PM
"Seasoned with Gratitude: 250 Recipes and Blessings Celebrating the Greater Nourishment of Real Food" by Kathryn Lafond
Oct 04, 7:00 PM
Please Note: We have completed the study of Book I and will begin study of Book II in the fall - beginning Wednesday October 4th. The Mathnawi is a work of mystical poetry by Jalalu'din Rumi. His work is a guidebook through the twists and turns of life, leading to the clarity love.Exploring Rumi’s Mathnawi An ongoing collaborative learning experience to explore the mystical poetry of Rumi’s Mathnawí at Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Ballard. 1763 NW 62nd Street, Seattle, WA 98107. Class time is from 7pm – 8:30. The beautiful poetry of Rumi has touched countless lives and has been a source of inspiration for anyone searching for a deeper awareness of what it means to be human. When the heart and mind find balance, the limitations of life are set aside, and the soul has the two wings needed for flight. The possibilities for the soul to fly freely are not limited to this physical atmosphere, the invisible realms are also open for exploration. The means of opening these doors of awareness are described in the six books of his Mathnawí, a guide-book for his journey of the spirit. We will use this updated and corrected version of Book 1 (Corrections by Nicholson): ISBN 978–1500539795. Available from Amazon. Book 2, 978-1533505651. Available from Amazon.  Book 3 is planned to be available in August.  Books 4, 5, 6 are in the updating process, and hopefully will be available later this year. For more information contact Hafiz Check out and stay updated on the Facebook Page: Location: Interfaith Community Sanctuary1763 NW 62nd StreetSeattle, Washington 98107{CCM:BASE_URL}/
Oct 29, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary
Fifth Sunday worship services in 2017 will be co-created with Associate Ministers Sibyl Lundy, Linda Stern and David Heitmiller, Emeritus. Next Date in 2017: Sunday October 29, join us as we explore the discernment for the month, “Reverence for Life”
Oct 29, 2:00 PM
A two hour program of silence, presentations, music, and conversation with Dr. Robert A. Jonas and Imam Jamal Rahman.