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Friday Prayers in the Islamic Tradition
May 26, 1:30 PM


All friends are welcome to join together in prayer in the Islamic tradition on Fridays in the Healing Room of
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Our prayer experience is guided by Muslim/Christian scholar and teacher, Ann Holmes Redding.

This is a woman-led prayer experience. Whenever possible, prayers are offered in both Arabic and English. The weekly address is offered in English. Women and men pray together.

We begin at 1:00pm. Please enter through the east garden door.

Si.Si.Wiss Women's Circle
May 23, 6:00 PM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary


PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday May 23rd gathering will be at local sacred site -- not at Interfaith Community Sanctuary. See note from SiSwinklae below:

Dear Sisters,

   We made a one time change for the SiSiWiss Womens Medicine circle for next Tuesday,(May 23rd) our regularly scheduled day to meet.  The change is we will be meeting at Licton Springs Park, at the playground. The address is 9536 Ashworth Ave.Seattle 98103. The playground is visible from the street, and there is street parking ( no parking lot).  There is the sacred springs there, that we will be visiting. Please bring a small container for gathering the tumulth (red paint). If the weather is cooperative with us for the evening, we will have circle at the park. Please dress comfortably, be prepared for change in the weather. We will meet at the playground at 6p.m. and walk to the springs together.

   It will not be conducive to have a potluck meal at the park, as we will go to the springs first, and that will take some time. By the time we would get to eating, it would be too late for us to eat outdoors (will explain on Tuesday).  We can meet for less time than usual, and one sister suggested everyone go out to eat after, if you would like.

  This is a field trip we usually do once per year. Really hope that you can join us and pray at this First People's sacred site that still exists in the city.  We will share teachings about the site during the evening, and about the tumulth.

Love to all,

SiSwinKle, Laurel

All women and children welcome. 

We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday each month at 6:00pm.

This gathering shares First Peoples Northwest Coast traditions and teachings with song, story, dance. Bring drums, rattles, bells...
If your way is open, please bring a potluck dish to share. 

Facilitator: Siswinklae Laurel Boucher. 

Location: InterfaithCommunity Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd Street, Seattle, WA 98107.

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Please Note: This is a clean and sober gathering.

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