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Shabbat with Rabbi Ted Falcon
May 13, 7:30 PM

Final Shabbat gathering before the summer break.


Celebrating the Love Field :
A Shabbat of Deeper Exploration 

Final Shabbat gathering, 7:30 pm at Interfaith Community Sanctuary, before the summer break.

Friday, May 13 

Opening the gates of the heart through teaching, song, chanting, silence, and meditation.

With musicians Jenny and Jack Heutmaker. Interfaith Community Sanctuary is located at 1763 NW 62nd Street, Seattle.

Rabbi Ted's Shabbat gatherings welcome all who wish to deepen their spiritual path.

Rabbi Ted pioneered the development of meditative Shabbat worship almost 40 years ago, at Makom Ohr Shalom in Los Angeles. That form deepened over the years he led Shabbat gatherings at Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue in Seattle. After taking a sabbatical from leading Shabbat meditations when he left Bet Alef at the end of 2009, Rabbi Ted is once again stepping into celebrating Shabbat in his distinctive way.

View Rabbi Ted Falcon's website here: People of all faith paths are welcome.

Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd Street
Seattle, WA 98107
(find us in the heart of Ballard)

Soul of WoMen Campaign
May 14, 10:00 AM

Calling women and men in communities worldwide to activate the divine feminine for a more balanced world.


Saturday May 14th
10:00am — Noon

Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd Street, Seattle, WA USA

“We need to hold up a new vision that rejects the sorrow, bitterness, and confrontation of the past, and instead accepts and embraces all things with forgiveness and love, transforming them into light.” ~ Masami Saionji

Gather with us for a heart-felt conversation about Peace, Healing, Love, & Forgiveness and the reawakening of the sacred consciousness of the Divine Feminine.

Presentations offered by:
Shinjin Nao Valente, Rabbi Ted Falcon, Ann Holmes Redding, Imam Jamal Rahman, and Rev. Karen Lindquist, with experiential practices shared by Ariel Patano and William Keepin.

A reception follows the conversation. All are welcome!

Masami Saionji is the chairperson of three world peace organizations: Byakko Shinko Kai, The World Peace Prayer Society, and The Goi Peace Foundation. Shinjin Nao Valente is the NW representative for Byakko Shinko Kai and the Soul of Women Campaign. Rabbi Ted Falcon is a spiritual guide, author, teacher and therapist working closely with Muslim interfaith minister Imam Jamal Rahman as part of The Interfaith Amigos. Ann Holmes Redding is the founder of Abrahamic Reunion West created to address the global dysfunction of the Abrahamic family of faith with the goal of radical healing and transformation of persons, institutions, and societies. Will Keepin, PhD is co-founder of Satyana Institute, a non-profit service and training organization created to support individuals, communities, and organizations to combine inner work of the heart with outer service in the world. Ariel Patano works with Satyana Institute offering workshops on gender reconciliation. Rev. Karen Lindquist is co-founder and co-minister of Interfaith Community Sanctuary.



Saraswati Nights
May 14, 7:00 PM

An evening of Interfaith Kirtan, Call and Response Chanting, Healing Songs, and Mystical Poetry with Suniai and Friends at Interfaith Community Sanctuary.

More about Saraswati Nights
Music starts at 7:00pm

An evening of Interfaith Kirtan, Call and Response Chanting, Healing Songs,
and Mystical Poetry with Suniai and Friends. Come and Bathe in the River of Love and Delight! 

All are welcome to chant, dance, or simply enjoy the healing frequencies.

Interfaith Community Sanctuary 1763 NW 62nd Street Ballard 98107

This gathering of friends is a benefit for Interfaith Community Sanctuary Building Fund and SAMC (Suraiya Ataur Medical Clinic) in Chondipur Village, Bangladesh.

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