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For information about our
Children's Summer Day Camp
for children ages 8 through 12
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An all ages community day camp experience for children and youth
“United: I think being united is like two or more people acting positive as one.”
“You: You should love YOU!”
Rianna, age 10

WHERE: Interfaith Community Sanctuary, 1763 NW 62nd St., Ballard 98107
DATES: SESSION 1: JULY 7 – JULY 18 (10 days - Monday – Friday)
SESSION 2: July 21 – August 1, (10 days Monday – Friday)
TIME: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Extended day care option will be available for additional cost.)
COST: $350.00/per two-week session

What will we do?

The Arts: Each day we will do hands-on activities across the arts - visual, literature, drama, Legos/building, and music.

Active/Kinesthetic: Walking to and exploring neighborhood parks, ballard swimming pool, Seattle Center, capture the flag, cooperative games, inventive games, unstructured outdoor play, and more!

Play/Exploration: Free, open play will be offered each day, such as: swimming, going to the park, and field trips around the city. Group process will follow each activity, so that children can reflect on what they experienced and their thinking and feeling about it.

Circle Time: We will have community sharing and reflection three times in the day – morning, afternoon and evening. This is a time where we can share and listen from the heart with one another

Closure: Each day will culminate in a journal reflection starting from self and branching out into larger wonder. There will be time to share with group if desired.

Program Director: Gretchen Rowe
Gretchen Rowe has her B.S. degree in Outdoor Recreation from the University of Minnesota and is a mother of two young adult men.  She has been a resident camp counselor in Oregon, Las Vegas (mountains), and Maine; a day camp teacher/counselor for the Jewish Community Center in St. Paul, MN and the Wallingford Boys and Girls Club.  She has coached boys’ and girls’ track and field, soccer and basketball. She has taught K - 5th grade in the Seattle Public Schools for over 11 years and currently works as a substitute teacher in the district. Her life has been dedicated to peace within and throughout.  She’s used nature, sports, world literature, international and interspiritual community, and poetry and art to continually grow on this journey.

Counseling Team

Elizabeth Keyser
Elizabeth is a 2014 graduate of Nathan Hale High School. This is her 2nd year with Peace Camp. She just finished her freshman year at Simmons College in Boston, MA where she is majoring in Civic and Social Organization. She has worked for the Nathan Hale radio station and community outreach in Boston. She enjoys writing, drama, and working with children.

Emerson Rowe
Emerson is a 2014 graduate of Nathan Hale High School. This will be his 3rd year with Peace Camp. Emerson just finished his freshman year at University of Colorado as a pre-engineering major and a member of the Rocket Club. Besides enjoying having fun with kids, he likes sports, science, music, and building things – even with Legos.

Siswinklae Katrina Laurel Boucher
Laurel brings First Peoples Northwest Coast lineage and traditions with song, story and dance. She has many years of experience working with children in preschools and other educational environments.

Gaus Saayed
Gaus will be joining us from Maher, which is a multi-dimensional community founded by Sister Lucy in Pune, India. Maher is an interfaith community that honors all religions and strongly repudiates caste distinctions. Gaus has grown up with over 300 children and now works as a mentor and leader in many capacities of Maher. He loves acting and Bollywood dancing!

Download and print PEACE CAMP Registration Form here..


PLEASE SEND or EMAIL registration by June 1, 2015:
1763 NW 62nd St.

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Please check one (or two) of the following:

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It’s helpful if we receive some funds by June 15, 2015. Thank you for your consideration!

Questions? Please call Gretchen Rowe @ 206-551-5964, or email


Download the PEACE CAMP Registration Form in Word Document here.