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Capital Fundraising Campaign

As stewards of a Historic Landmark Church (see Building History), Interfaith Community Sanctuary has an obligation to maintain our building not only for our current use but for future generations. Although many of the building systems have been replaced or upgraded over the years, the 125 year old structure still requires costly ongoing maintenance and repairs and lots of tender loving care (TLC.)   As many of you know we had major expenses in 2011 to repair our sewer line ($6000)  and replace our furnace ($3400).  In 2012 we had to take out a loan to pay for another major sewer line repair ($14100.) In 2013 we rebuilt and upgraded the front porch, steps and railings.In 2014 we received a generous grant which replaced the roof. But three sides of the exterior of the building still need repainting and the gutters and downspouts need replacing. We would also very much like to refurbish our main sanctuary which has not been repainted for 20 years!

UPDATE: Our Sanctuary has been repainted with beautiful metallic gold, mother of pearl, and silvery green colors by two of our members, Rev. Steve Crawford and Cherag Michael Douglas. One striking feature is the the prayerful hand brushed walls and the altar alcove which has been painted gold, then finished with gold leaf. Another striking feature is the ceiling: the old acoustical tiles have been painted a deep midnight blue and a stream of stars wind their way across it. A new chandelier graces the center of the room. Found at a local consignment shop, it looks like the full moon when lit at night. We hope to one day be able to raise the ceiling to its original height, about 5 feet higher than it is currently. Until then, the painting of the Sanctuary brings our sacred space to life as never before!

Therefore, to cover current and anticipated expenditures plus provide a reasonable reserve fund for unexpected emergencies, we need to raise $30,000 over the next two years. This is above and beyond our normal operating budget (of approximately $30,000) to maintain our current programs and pay routine bills.

In March 2012 the Interfaith Community Sanctuary initiated a Capital Fundraising Campaign to cover these major expenses to maintain our historic building…our unique sacred space..

Sewer Project 4.jpgWe are asking each and every friend and member of ICS to think hard about what this community means to you and to contribute something extra to support the Capital Fundraising Campaign.  We are also looking for new fundraising ideas that could help us achieve our goal. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to pay for current and future capital repairs and improvements to our building. Of course all donations to ICS are completely tax deductible.  Any donation to the Capital Fundraising Campaign should be marked “Capital Fundraising Campaign” or ICS/CFC.  Donations can be made by Credit Card or PayPal by clicking on the "Donate" button to the right or by mailing a check directly to the sanctuary at the address below.  Thank you for your continued support!


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