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"In the shelter of each other, the people live." ~ Gaelic Proverb

Download our membership brochure here and read more below. 

Joining any spiritual community may seem like a simple and ordinary action but in may ways it is the most profound statement we can make toward healing ourselves and our world, for in this action we demonstrate our belief in the goodness of humanity.  

We welcome your participation and are grateful you desire to support our all-volunteer spiritual community!  We invite you to join us by becoming a Member or a Fiscal Steward, valuable commitments integral to our growth and stability.

Members & Fiscal Stewards

Becoming A Member

Becoming A Member
One of the most important ways to support Interfaith Community Sanctuary is to become a Member. You will be joining with others who have consciously chosen to become more deeply involved in this committed community.
Active Members participate in our Guiding Council, Spiritual Retreat, Cooperation Circles and annual Membership Celebration. Active Members have the privilege of casting a vote on important issues and after a year of active membership are eligible to hold an office.

Becoming A Fiscal Steward
Fiscal Stewardship makes it possible to support Interfaith Community Sanctuary by setting an intention to send a regular, monthly, tax-deductible financial gift to help with our operating expenses. Your financial gift grounds and stabilizes our community, preserves our future and assures that we will continue to grow and flourish.
We are grateful for your ongoing support and invite you to fill out your contact information using the form on the next panel, then place it in the Sunday morning offertory plate, or slip under the office door.

If you have further questions, email the ICS treasurer at:


Members have this to say:

“Interfaith Community Sanctuary saved my life. Definitely. I couldn’t be happier.” 

“I have learned so much about different traditions just by attending the Sunday worship gatherings. I’m proud to be a member of Interfaith Community.”

Fiscal Stewards have this to say:

“It gives me great satisfaction to make a monetary contribution to Interfaith Community Sanctuary each month. This way I know I am doing my part to keep the Vision alive.” 

“I don’t have a lot of money, so when I give, it is a deeply spiritual experience. I know I have made the right choice to give monthly to Interfaith Community Sanctuary!”