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Pacific NW Sites

Associated Ministries- association of churches for Tacoma-Pierce County, WA. 

Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue- located in the Seattle area.

Cascadia Center at Camp Brotherhood- a retreat facility outside Mount Vernon, WA, where people from different faiths can learn from one another.

Center for Ethical Leadership - Connecting people, organizations, and communities with what matters.

Congregation Eitz Or is a member of the Network of Jewish Renewal Communities which celebrates Judaism with joy and great spiritual depth.

Earth and Spirit honors and respects the interconnection of all life through education, creativity, ceremony, and celebration in Portland, OR.

Gaia's Temple fosters love of the Divine Feminine by honoring nature and the qualities of compassion and relatedness.

Indralaya, a Theosophical retreat camp on Orcas Island.

Inspire Me Mandalas  original, one of a kind geometric, circular designs completely handmade by Shabeena Helsley.  Mandala, which means “circle” in Sanskrit, are prevalent in all cultures throughout the world, such as stained glass in cathedrals, halos, crown of thorns, dream-catchers, Celtic knots, etc.

Interfaith Communications Network- This is an interactive, self-updated and illustrated online directory for members of the interfaith community in the Pacific Northwest.

Interfaith Marketplace

The Parent Coaching Institute

Sakya Monastary - a Tibetan Buddhist monastary located in Seattle, Washington.

Speaking of Dying - Informative and yet intimate,  Speaking of Dying captures the importance of individuals and groups speaking openly about all aspects of the dying process. Viewing this film will inspire and encourage you to talk to your friends, family,  health care agents and medical providers about your own choices and wishes regarding life supports, hospice, palliative care, and other options—before there is a crisis. It will help you believe that you can have a peaceful ending that will be a gift to yourself, and to your  loved ones.

The Interfaith Network - promotes interfaith community, understanding, social interaction and individual spiritual growth through education, services and celebration. (Formerly Interfaith Council of Washington .)

The Seattle Metaphysical Library a non-affiliated, non-profit resource center dedicated to personal transformation and evolving global consciousness by providing access to metaphysical, transdimensional, and unusual material.

Vedanta Society of Western Washington

WholeLife Counseling creates a safe container for addressing the more intense phases of personal and professional growth using group workshops and individual counseling techniques.

Women of Wisdom Foundation

YES Magazine/Positive Futures Network

National Sites

American Acadamy of Religion: Guidelines for Teaching about Religions in K - 12 Public Schools in the United States - Produced by the AAR Religion in the Schools Task Force; Diane L. Moore, Chair. Copyright © 2010 American Academy of Religion.

Common Ground- a center for inquiry, study, and dialogue about the human quest for understanding and the human pursuit of significance.

Community Interfaith Church Healing the Planet and Empowering the Individual, One Heart at a Time.

The Crossings- The Crossings is a progressive learning center, meeting place, and wellness spa located in the resplendent Texas Hill Country just outside of Austin. Surrounded by more than 200 acres of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, The Crossings offers individuals, groups, and businesses a sanctuary where they can come learn new skills, find inspiration and direction, meet new people from all walks of life, and rest, relax and rejuvenate.

Interfaith Alliance encourages civic participation, facilitates community activism, and challenges religious political extremism.

Interfaith Center for Peace

Interfaith Community Services - Serving the needs of the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged.

Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond

Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston - We envision faith communities working together to create a more just, compassionate, and caring society.

Interfaith Peace Chapel makes a bold statement to the world about the value of sacred space committed to peace and interfaith cooperation. The IPC welcomes worshiping congregations of faith, seekers of peace who claim no faith, and stands as a symbol of the common goal. In a culture of war, where power and greed blind many from seeing value in others, we are called to be courageous and sacrificial in our efforts to create and sustain peace. The chapel is our visible proclamation to the world that we must all be committed to peace. It stands as a monument to the cause of peace for all who believe in it, seek it and work for it. In an environment where people are repeatedly excluded from communities of faith, we are called to build a campus where all will see and feel our welcoming spirit.

Mevlevi Order of America - a not for profit educational organization dedicated to sharing the teachings and spiritual practices of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi in the west under the guidance of Postneshin Jelaleddin Loras. 

Soldier's Heart Ed Tick, Ph.D and Kate Dahlstedt provide unique, holistic psycho-spiritual model for the treatment of PTSD based upon models and research in worldwide warrior traditions and cultures.

Tikkun Magazine a bimonthly Jewish critique of politics, culture and society. 

The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources- brings environmental, spiritual and indigenous leaders together with policy makers to create a sustainable future for generations to come.


International Sites

Abwoon Study Circle- focuses on Native Middle Eastern Mysticism, including the Aramaic Jesus, ancient Middle Eastern spirituality and Sufism.

The Book Foundation- Located in the United Kingdom, its mission is to bring to light the message of Islam as revealed in the Holy Qur'an and the life of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as elements of the Islamic tradition. 

Brahma Kumaris- A world spiritual organization.

Charter for Compassion - The Charter for Compassion is a document that transcends religious, ideological, and national difference. Supported by leading thinkers from many traditions, the Charter activates the Golden Rule around the world.

International Network for the Universal Dances of Peace 

North American Interfaith Network- offers many opportunities through its annual conference, newsletter, web site, member organizations, Board and supportive participants.

The United Religions Initiative creates opportunities for dialogue, sharing and action; pilots approaches to peacebuilding; supports youth and leadership development; contributes seed funds for local initiatives; produces interfaith educational materials; convenes regional and global interfaith gatherings; and provides a global communications and knowledge sharing network. 

The University of Victoria Interfaith Chaplaincy 

World Council of Churches 


Internet Based Resource Sites

"An Invitation to Understanding Bar and Bat Mitzvahs" 
Celebrations marking the time passage when a young boy or girl makes the journey into adulthood.

Beliefnet- A variety of of information and resources about religion and various religious traditions, news and resources, and links to other religion sites, including sacred texts.

Compassionate Action Network - Awakening Compassion in our children our community and our world.

Documentary Tube - watch documentaries on line for free

Interfaith Calendar Primary Sacred Times for the World's Religions 
See also: Interfaith Calendar Definition of Terms -  an online interfaith community established in March '09 in Montreal, Canada. Offers daily interfaith news, positive news, videos, extensive interfaith resources and an interfaith group directory.

Interfaith News Network

Interfaith Resources - ...We are just a family of people who are dedicated to promoting understanding and cooperation between people of different faiths. 

Interfaith WebRing

Interfaith Working Group Online Religious support for equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people; reproductive freedom; and the separation of church and state. 

Internet Sacred Texts Archive "...a quiet place in cyberspace
devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship."

 free software library of the World's Religous Literature.

Religion Facts free, reliable information about the world's religions.

Season of Prayer for Peace in the Middle East

Theology Degrees Online - Studying theology offers the twofold rewards of allowing students to study the faith they are passionate about while making them qualified to earn money in a job related to their faith.



Interfaith Ministry Sites

Interfaith Theological Seminary- Located in Tucson, Arizona.

Inroads Interfaith Ministry provides interfaith resources for awareness and healing. Inroads assists and aids individuals and groups for better human relations, including: networking, writing training, chaplaincy and other related efforts. 


Products & Services

INTERFAITH MARKETPLACE offers a Multifaith calendar

Prayer of the Day A new prayer each day from a variety of religious and cultural sources.


Spiritual Traditions & Philosophies

Baha'i Faith 


Sufi Order International


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