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"Harvesting Hope" 

11th Annual 
InterSpiritual Community Summit

Saturday August 17th 2013 

Harvesting Hope:
Together we Listened, Shared, Learned and Engaged,
fusing together profound inner work with passionate external radical action. 

♥ Spiritual Guides from 6 faith traditions: First Peoples, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim will offer an interspiritual blessing that reflects the experience of “God” without “God” words. Presenters include: Ray Williams, Kanjin Cederman, Sibyl Lundy, Rajesh Fandan, Anjana Grover, Ted Falcon, Mark Markuly, Ann Holmes-Redding, Jamal Rahman and more... See bios and photos of Spiritual Guides here.
♥ Through stories of personal spiritual journeys we will share how our various religious and spiritual traditions have helped us face challenges and graced us with hope and strength in the process. 
♥ From elder wisdom we will witness a presentation of the model of an ideal “Spiritual Activist.”
♥ Collectively we will dialogue on how our personal spiritual journeys can promote a spiritual movement to foster a world of justice, compassion and peace.
“Only the highest spiritual wisdom and tireless sacred passion for all of life united with pragmatic, radical action on all possible fronts can now help us preserve the planet." ~ Andrew Harvey

Hopes for the Day: Through our collective sharing, may we become increasingly aware of the profound interconnectiveness of all beings with the earth. May we become inspired with new ideas and new possibilities for personal and collective action. May we commit to learning more about interspiritual activism and/or taking follow-up action. May we leave feeling glad we attended!

$20.00 Includes Indian Lunch;
rice, dahl, salad, fruit

Reserve your space early for the 11th Annual InterSpiritual Community Summit! 
Email John Hale: or call 425.865.0659. 

Hosted by: Interfaith Community Sanctuary, NICO (Northwest Interfaith Community Outreach—the Faith, Spirit and Action Constellation of Compassionate Seattle) and Compassionate Seattle .

Thank you to our community allies: Center for Courage and Renewal, Center for Ethical Leadership, Church Council of Greater Seattle, Hassanah Consulting, Sant Nirankari Mission, Soldier’s Heart Seattle, St. Patrick Church, Swinomish Elders, The Interfaith Amigos, The United Religions Initiative: Interfaith Circle of Love C.C. & The Interfaith Network C.C. Warm for Winter...

Summit Flyer available here.
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