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Safe Water, Latrines, Education

Join us to ensure all Ethiopians have these rights.
Mission Statement:
Project Ethiopia is a volunteer organization that, with local community support, helps rural Ethiopian school children have access to safe water, basic sanitation facilities and elementary education.

Plans for three rural schools include: Clean Water; Latrines at Schools; Uniforms for the very poor; Benches and Desks; Trachoma Treatment; Hygiene Education.

Project Ethiopia was founded by two of our members, Judy Sanderman and Dennis Welkins, working with Awoke Genetu and his brother, Workineh within Ethiopia.

Send your contributions to:
"Project Ethiopia"
c/o Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd Street
Seattle, WA 98107

For more information, contact Judy at 206.784.3208, or Dennis at 206.407.3456
and see visit their website: