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For many years Interfaith Community Sanctuary has been hosting international delegations through the World Affairs Council International Visitors Program within our sacred space for workshops and private gatherings and as guests in our Sunday morning worship services.

We have hosted delegations from Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Kenya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Senegal and from other African countries. Our topic discussions with international visitors have included interfaith dialogue, interfaith education, interfaith outreach, interfaith peace and reconciliation, interfaith sensitivity, interfaith symbols, interfaith worship and the future of interfaith. Each encounter has been educational, inspiring, eye-opening and memorable.

In 2011 we began a collaboration with Alternatives to Violence Project with facilitator Roger Kluck and together we have hosted youth from Africa, Mexico and Iraq, and adult leaders from Sri Lanka and Iraq.

This year (2012) we have hosted a youth delegation from Myanmar (Burma) and this summer will again host youth from Mexico and Iraq.

Each full day workshop leaves us in awe of one another and ready to continue building relationships, celebrating our diverse cultures, sharing our spirituality and faith traditions. We encourage youth connected to our community to attend and participate in these gatherings. The door is always open.

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Here are some photos from the May 2011 workshop with delegates from Africa:

Africans WAC Workshop 012.jpgAfricans WAC Workshop 004.jpgAfricans WAC Workshop 008.jpgAfricans WAC Workshop 007.jpg

Mexican Youth:


Sri Lankan Leaders:

WAC-Sri Lankan 030.JPGWAC-Sri-Lankan-039.jpg