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Honoring the Guest ~ Interfaith Worship Series:
Exploring Diverse Faith and Spiritual Traditions

Sunday January 7th

This is our annual Intention Setting worship gathering
with officers, members, and ministers co-creating the morning worship service.

The morning worship is followed by a potluck luncheon
and our annual membership celebration.

If you have been considering becoming a member of Interfaith Community Sanctuary, this is the perfect occasion to become a member!


Guest Worship Presenters for 2017

URI_logo.jpgOn Sunday February 5th In celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week, we gathered our United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle members and friends together to offer our personal thoughts about interfaith harmony. We shared a candlelighting ritual and a reading of the URI Charter, which begins with this paragraph: 

 "We, people of diverse religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions throughout the world, hereby establish the United Religions Initiative to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings."   ~ URI Charter preamble 


holding_hands_around_the_world_2.pngSunday March 5th Associate Minister and Cherag Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas, ICS members Jose LaSalle, and Michelle Nikfarjam explored personal and collective suffering through storytelling and song in a worship service titled: "Coming Home to the Compassionate Heart of our Collective Suffering: Racism, Trauma and Oppression." Asking, "How can we evoke, embrace and reconcile?" We listened to other's stories and shared our own. Aware that looking deeply at the nature of suffering can help us develop understanding and compassion, we are determined to come home to ourselves, to recognize, accept, embrace and listen to suffering with the energy of mindfulness.” (from our Spiritual Discernment for 2017: Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas is an active member of Interfaith Community Sanctuary who has served on the Guiding Council for 10 years as secretary, president, and currently as treasurer. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Project Ethiopia and the Suraiya Ataur Medical Clinic in the village of Chondipur, Bangladesh. Sally Jo has been ordained as a Cherag, a minister, of Universal Worship with Sufi Order International. She also volunteers regularly at the Ballard Ecumenical Homeless Ministry, and is an apprentice with Seattle Restorative Justice Project. She has been a public school educator and administrator for over 30 years.

Michelle Nikfarjam is an ICS member, environmental activist, and recently completed her B.S. in Sustainable Food and Farming. She founded the UMass Spiritual Ecology and Regenerative Systems Initiative focused on upholding right thought, action, and relationship to Earth through spiritual practice. This fall she will build upon her work at the University of Oregon where she plans to focus her masters on the intersection between Traditional Ecological Knowledge, permaculture, and education.

Jose LaSalle is a new member of the Interfaith Community Sanctuary. He founded the BioSTEAD Initiative at the University of Massachusetts, a transdisciplinary initiative to construct green buildings as sustainable community development research sites on university campuses. Jose is now an R&D Engineer working at a clean water and clean energy startup in Seattle.


Sunday April 2nd The Mindfulness Community of Puget Sound 
shared meditation, singing, and The Five chant_drum_dance_with_Suniai.jpgEarth Touchings created by Thich Nhat Hanh. "We are a diverse group of people who practice meditation in the tradition of mindfulness taught by Thich Nhat Hanh a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, poet and peace activist. Our practice encourages the importance and joy of bringing a mindful awareness into all aspects of our lives.

Thich Nhat Hanh predicts that the next living Buddha will be the sangha (or spiritual community). Our practice reflects a special emphasis on community-building. We welcome people of all backgrounds (spiritual, ethnic, sexual orientation, etc.) to practice with us." 

Practicing the Five Earth Touchings gives us an opportunity to contemplate what has been transmitted to us by our blood ancestors and spiritual ancestors. We can practice to celebrate the positive and transform what needs to be transformed. When we touch the Earth, we breathe in all the strength and stability of the Earth and breathe out our suffering - our feelings of anger, hatred, fear, inadequacy and grief. 


Sunday May 7th Peace Camp International Director, Gretchen Rowe shared:
"Transforming Anger into Positive Action."


In the thick of your battles,
I strike like an arrow.
You sit destroyed, astounded,
and then suddenly Love appears. (Rumi)

Gretchen Rowe will used poetry, storytelling, and movement to illustrate the journey of uniting tenderness and anger, so they may speak in one revolutionary voice.

Gretchen Rowe is an elementary school teacher for the Seattle Public Schools and the Director of Peace Camp International at Interfaith Community Sanctuary. She has worked with children and adults from across the emotional/developmental spectrum since 1981. Helping the process of finding the productive voice of anger has been her passion and lifelong work, both personally and professionally. Having been blessed by beautiful mentors and teachers on her own journey, Gretchen now extends her service of the heart to include underserved children and young adults in India and Uganda.


Sunday June 4th
we experienced a three hour "SiSiWiss Open Healing Service" guided by SiSwinKlae Laurel Boucher. This was an introduction to and experience of an SiSiWiss Open Healing Circle. SiSiWiss means sacred life ~ sacred breath.



Sunday July 2nd we welcomed Rich Ater sharing "Progressive Islam"

Religion is progressive. It evolves through time and culture. In this discussion I will focus on the Abrahamic faiths in general and Islam in particular. I maintain that religions must keep up with the times to be relevant to there practitioners. In this talk I will discuss the progressive movements in Judaism and Christianity briefly to show what they can offer to Islam then focus on progressive movements in Islam and what needs to be done in the future.

Rich Ater is a Muslim, a student of Sufism, & a Christian. He has studied world religions for 35 years, with a particular interest in the Abrahamic traditions and mysticism. He has taught classes on Islam at the Interfaith Community Sanctuary.

Sunday August 6th "The Mystical Poetry of Yunus Emre:"

"I lost myself in your love,
All I need is you.
Burning day and night with your love,
All I need is you."

We experienced Yunus Emre devotional poetry recited in Turkish and English and learned about Yunus’ spiritual journey and profound transformation.

Yunus Emre, Turkish poet and Sufi mystic, (born 1238), sat with his Sufi master, Tapduk Emre, for 40 years. Yunus studied mystical texts and philosophy, especially that of the 13th century mystic & poet Mevlana Jelaladdin Rumi. Yunus’ poems are primarily devoted to themes of Divine love and human destiny expressed with deep feeling in a straight forward, almost austere style in the traditional syllabic metre of Anatolian folk poetry. UNESCO named Yunus Emre one of the main cultural figures of world, and dedicated 1991 as "The International Yunus Emre Year."

Our guest, Ferhan Kayihan, Ph.D. was exposed to and deeply moved by Yunus Emre poetry as a young student growing up in Turkey. After spending his professional career as an engineer, solving technology problems, he now finds more time to devote himself to studying traditional Turkish poetry.

Sunday Septmber 3rd we experienced "A Ritual of Catholic Mass" 
with Franciscan Priest, Father Dan Duval

What is a Catholic Mass? The ritual of Catholic Mass grew out of the early faith tradition of the followers of Yeshua (Jesus). The Mass borrows from it’s rich Jewish base as well as from Pagan traditions that were being practiced in the Roman Empire when Emperor Constantine declared Christianity to be the state religion. It is divided into two parts, The Liturgy of the word (telling of our stories) and the Liturgy of the Eucharist which reminds us of our unity with The Divine and each other. For those who may have grown up in or been exposed to a liturgical tradition it will feel very familiar with some interesting twists such as inclusive language,open and loving interpretation of certain prayers and an acknowledgment of the Divine Feminine. This ritual involves both the presider and the congregants in a dance of deepening energy and culmination in the realization that we are all one people.

Father Dan Duval, OSF
Dan is a vowed Franciscan priest in the Free Episcopal Church, which recognizes all faith traditions. At the center of all of Dan's work are the vows of poverty expressed in compassionate action; chastity expressed through acceptance and inclusion, and obedience expressed through peace and justice. He believes that the more one knows oneself, the closer we come to experiencing the unity of creation. Dan has been a licensed mental health conselor since 1997, working with those in marginalized communities such as the LGBTQ community, at-risk youth, incarcerated individuals and immigrant populations. Dan strives to see the Divine in all people and assists them in seeing the Divine within themselves, according to each person's own definition and spiritual understanding, with or without connection to a specific faith tradition. He is trained in many modalities of exploration, verbal, non-verbal and expressive. Dan has offered talks and workshops on a variety of psychological and spiritual topics.

Image: Fibonacci or golden spirals, a logarithmic spiral where every quarter turn
is farther from the origin by a factor of phi, the golden ratio.

Sunday October 1st we welcomed Reverend Steve Crawford,
sharing: "Spiritualizing Our Relationship with Food."
Our bodies and the environment are directly affected by what we eat and how our food is produced.
What spiritual values can be employed as we take our nourishment from Mother Earth?
Rev. Steve also offered the music, and we deeply enjoyed his inspirational piano music! 

Steve Crawford's spiritual journey began at an early age when he experienced an intense sense of connection while walking in a country field. He was raised as a Christian but later left the faith and studied various paths along with evolutionary biology and particle physics. He now describes his path as a Humanist that advocates for the human spiritualization of values such as unconditional love, universal inclusion, and gender as well as racial equality, to name just a few.

Sunday November 5th
"The Hollow Reed: Breathing into Emptiness and Manifestation"
with Dr. Timothy P. Kinsella and guests

The flute, in its many cultural iterations, figures prominently in many of the world's sacred traditions, including those of the Far and Near East, and those of the indigenous Americas. The allegory of the divine blowing the universe(s) into apparent manifestation through a hollow reed appears in many cultures, as does the symbolism of becoming empty of self so that the divine spirit can move though us. The disappearance of self is beautifully elucidated by Rumi's "Song of the Reed" poem, or the Japanese Zen concept of ichion-jobutsu, the "enlightenment in one sound" pursued by shakuhachi players. Beyond allegory and symbolism, playing flutes can be a powerful meditation practice whereby this state of emptiness is approached and attained, as it involves awareness and cultivation of the breath, our most direct and primal link to life itself, and the potent practice of Deep Listening. Dr. Kinsella and guests will speak to these practices as they appear in several cultures, and invite the intersection of sound and the sacred with poetry and music performed on various world flutes.

Timothy P. Kinsella is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, scholar and inveterate musical pilgrim currently residing in Seattle, WA. Playing such instruments as drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, violoncello, Armenian duduk, and most recently the Turkish ney flute, he has traversed a wide expanse of musical genres, styles, and soundscapes, from reggae bands to symphony orchestras, in a career spanning four decades. As a scholar he is primarily interested in the musics of resistance and ecstasy. He holds a doctorate degree in musicology from the University of Washington, and has presented widely at academic research conferences, with several publications to his credit.

Sunday December 3rd members of our congregation with friends and guests shared:
"A Celebration of Love ~ Through, Music, Poetry, Song, and Story"

During the month of December we complete our year focused upon the Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism by Thich Nhat Hanh with a concentration upon “True Love.” Within this worship gathering, friends, members, and invited guests will share artistic expressions of Love for the Divine, for Creation, for another… Image and quote by Thich Nhat Hanh


Each year, since April 1998, Interfaith Community Sanctuary has welcomed guests into our worship services to share the beauty, love, prayer, scripture, spiritual practices and teachings of their traditions. Through this collective experience we benefit deeply through being in one another’s presence, and over time we develop lasting friendships as individuals and community to community. Together we find our intersection of agreement, respect our differences and share an appreciation of the Divine Mystery that infuses all our lives.

Join us in this exploration and discover more about yourself, others, and about diverse ways of worshiping.

"Honoring the Guest: Interfaith Worship Series ~ Exploring Diverse Faith & Spiritual Traditions" is the inspiration and ministry of Rev. Karen Lindquist, co-founder Interfaith Community Sanctuary. All presenters share from the heart without financial compensation. We are grateful for their time, energy, talent and enthusiasm to serve the Divine and for allowing us to drink from the eternal wisdom of their tradition. If you are interested in sharing your tradition with us, know that we plan many months to a year ahead. Contact us at 206.783.1618.

"Honoring the Guest..." is co-sponsored with The Interfaith Network of WA
and is an activity of our
United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle
of Interfaith Community Sanctuary & School.

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Honoring the Guest 2016 
began Sunday February  7th 
with a worship service celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week!  
Bahiyaa Ann Holmes Redding and Squi qui Ray Williams offered the morning Message "Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbor." Suniai offered the arrival music and the opening song. Jon Ramer shared two songs, Heart of the Earth and Heart of the City and accompanied Suniai with guitar. Jon also shared about Compassion Games International, Souper Bowl Sunday, and Harmony Week Coopetition. John Hale shared about Call of Compassion NW. The service was hosted by Rev. Karen Lindquist.

Sunday March 6th 2016
we welcomed Gerald Pollack, PhD
sharing "The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, LIquid, and Vapor."
Gerald Pollack received his PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. He then joined the University of Washington faculty and is now professor of Bioengineering. He is also Founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal, WATER, convener of the Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, and Executive Director of the Institute for Venture Science.

Sunday April 3rd
we welcomed Rev. Sam Osborne+, founder of Hagia Sophia Gnostic Church, Seattle parish and Rev. Andrea Turner+ who together shared The Round Dance of the Cross from The Acts of John, an early second century document historically preserved in monastic collections also called The Hymn of the Lord Which He Sang in Secret to the Holy Apostles, His Disciples 

Sunday May 1st
we welcomed Reverend Lila Rapcewicz and Reverend Chris Rapcewicz for "Beltane and the Magic of the Maypole." 

Sunday June 5th
we welcomed Rich Ater who shared "Polydoxy."  Polydoxy is a new movement in theology that combines theological study with quantum mechanics. It states that how one sees religious truth depends on where one is standing and changes as one observes it. Yet truth remains constant. Rich Ater is a long time friend of the Interfaith Sanctuary and has been a student of Theology, Philosophy, and comparative religion for over 40 years. He is a Christian, a Theosophist, and a Druid who sweetens his path with Sufism and Hemeticism.

Sunday July 3rd
We learned about the holy month of Ramadan and the celebration of the night the Qur'an was first Revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through the angel Gabriel (Jibra'il) December 22nd 609 CE as shared by Bahiyaa Ann Holmes Redding, Imam Jamal Rahman, Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas. 

Sunday August 7th
Cherag Michael Douglas shared the morning message:
"Confronting the Vampire: A Discourse of Liberation."

Timothy P. Kinsella shared in the offering of the morning Message
and offered music along with David Jenkins and Michael Douglas.

“Those who have will receive more, but as for those who don’t have, even what they don’t have will be taken away from them." –Mark 4:25

Like most human beings who have ever participated in what we call “civilization”, we live in a social system that tends to channel wealth into the hands of the wealthy. This tendency toward economic disparity now seems to threaten our very survival. What does this mean for our spiritual path? Come explore this question with us through music, discussion, and prayer.

Sunday September 4th
 Eriko Rowe shared "Spiritual Hygiene – Ancient Healing Wisdom"

I’ll tell you the secret.
Miracles happen when your mind shifts
from You Wei (everything) to Wu Wei (emptiness)
—Lü Dongbin, Tang Dynasty Taoist Scholar

Native American Ways, Shinto (Japan’s indigenous religion), and Taoism, these seemingly unrelated ancient spiritual traditions share some important central themes. One is the idea that people are not separate from their environment but part of nature’s web. Another is that an invisible subtle energy (spirit, Ki, or Qi) is our true nature. In this view, living beings, the natural elements, such as wind, fire, earth, metal and water, and the whole universe, are all connected in a vast energetic field. Building on these ideas, each of these traditions developed unique healing practices that focus on spiritual hygiene to restore integrity and balance in each person’s body, mind, and spirit.

Eriko Rowe, originally from Japan is a journalist, documentary producer, energy healer and certified Yi Ren Qigong instructor.

Sunday October 2nd 
guest worship presenter Julie Hsu shared
Yoga – A Path toward Merging with the Divine

While most people today consider yoga a form of exercise or stress reduction, the initial purpose of yoga was much more than this. Instead of using yoga to merely work on the physical body or to ease the busy mind, yoga was utilized to ultimately merge with Spirit. The system of yoga is a network of moral recommendations, breathwork, postures, and meditation. Even the postures themselves, by way of promoting present-moment awareness and changing energy, can be used to take the practitioner to a higher level of consciousness and toward merging with the Divine. Revisiting the purpose of yoga can enrich our yoga practices, meditation practices, and everyday lives.

Julie Hsu is a certified yoga instructor (500 hr) and veterinary acupuncturist. Her passions are the spirituality and philosophy of yoga. Julie teaches yoga in Seattle at Phinney Ridge Yoga (

Sunday November 6th
guest worship presenter Elizabeth Noora Grace Uding shared
Nature is the Best Teacher

Nature is the best teacher. When we are awake enough we can be good students. Humans are learning to return to the original book to get the lessons that we have turned away from for so long. The Permaculture principal: “Use edges and value the marginal” is one of many, many lessons that nature holds out for us. For far too long we have catered to the center of the bell-shaped curve in designing our landscapes, our schools, our economic lives. It is time to re-examine the edges, both physically and metaphorically to see what we have been missing. The edges represent the places where there is increased interaction and therefore, the most creativity!

Elizabeth Noora Grace Uding is a member of Interfaith Community Sanctuary, a Sufi with Sufi Order Inayati, a student of University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism, a science teacher, and parent. She has a Permaculture Design Certificate through Seattle Tilth and Toby Hemenway.

Sunday December 4th
We welcomed Moss Magill, Rich Ater and The Circle of Coll for "A Ceremonial Journey"

The local Druidic group Circle of Coll shared a celebration of the Light as it penetrates and illuminates the Darkness. Circle members Rich Ater and Moss Magill will lead us on a ceremonial journey through the ancient Irish saga The Battle of Moytura (Caith Maige Tuired) to honor the Celtic sun god Lugh and the mysterious Morrigan goddess who, in this legend, overcome the dark ruler Bres. In the legend, newly appointed Bres is found to be unfit as the king who has plunged his kingdom into sudden worry and despair. Through interactive ritual, we learned about how the brighter forces of Lugh and the motivational spirit of the Morrigan can be harnessed to seek out, examine and make use of the Darkness, helping us all to call forth understanding and tenacity to deal with great change in the coming year.


About our Guest Worship Presenters in 2015:

Sunday December 6th we welcomed Dr. Jasmit Singh and youth from Khalsa Gurmat Center

Dr. Jasmit Singh and youth from Khalsa Gurmat Center introduced the Sikh faith and its view on the Creator. The Sikh Scriptures, Guru Granth Sahib Ji starts with mool mantar that describes the qualities of the Creator. The talk engaged us in how these values connect the Sikh to her/his daily life.
Dr. Jasmit Singh is a co-founder of the Sikh Coalition - a national civil rights organization that uses education, advocacy and legal redress for the realization of civil and human rights for all people. He currently serves on the Community Advisory Board of the Coalition and volunteers with a number of non-profits in Washington. He has established Khalsa Gurmat Center in Washington to focus on education, empowerment and civic engagement for the elders and youth in the Sikh community.

Sunday November 1st we welcomed Sahila ChangeBringer, sharing about "The Hoop of Celebration." 
Sahila ChangeBringer is a medicine woman from New Zealand. She is a 'writer / speaker / rabble-rouser' passionate about public education, social justice, sustainability, and creating a humane/holistic world.
As You Think, So It Is...Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality
If your reality isn't working for you, create a new one!
Sahila works with people to bring change in their own lives, in their families, in their work, within groups and organizations. She uses a synthesis of mind-body-spirit shamanic and healing energy and transpersonal psychology techniques to help people move into wholeness and wellbeing. She can be reached at
206 679 1738 and at

Sunday October 4th we welcomed Jamila Donna Crews Finney who shared about the "Hoop of Intention."
We are asked to commit ourselves to something and set a clear intention as to how we will work to make a better world for all. We will explore Intention being the commitment to open and receive Divine Guidance. Action from Divine Guidance that gives us energy instead of depleting us.
Jamila is a graduate of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism, a follower of the Sufi path since 1998.

Sunday September 6th we welcomed Bramacharini Rema Deva, a disciple of Amma, the hugging saint. Bri. Rema Devi shared her perspective about the guru/disciple relationship in Indian Hindu tradition and what it is like to be with a Living Master.  She met Amma 28 years ago and is one of Amma’s senior disciples in the West. Bri. Rema Devi is also a pujari – a person trained to perform ancient sacred ceremonies, pujas (Hindu prayer ceremonies) and homas (fire ceremonies) in the Kerala tradition. Having lived full time in India with Amma for several years, Bri. Rema Devi is now based in Amma’s first North American ashram in Castro Valley, California and travels to different Amma centers in the West leading programs. Read more about Mata Amritanandamayi (aka Amma) here

Sunday August 2nd we welcomed Reverend Steven Crawford, sharing the "Human Spiritualization of Scientific Knowledge: A path of opportunity and obligation for a peaceful and compassionate world." Reverend Steve Crawford is a long standing member of "The Interfaith Community Sanctuary". He is a co-founder of "Living Interfaith Church" in Lynnwood, Wa. He has been interested in the interconnection of all life since he first experienced a glimpse of it as a small boy wandering alone in nature.

Sunday July 5th we welcomed Story Teller Doug Banner sharing  "Living the Honor Way as an Artist of Social Change." Doug is executive director of The Flow Project. Doug shared how the principals and practices of art, indentified by the extensive research completed by The Flow Project, can be used as guiding principles and practices in living the Honor Way. He integrated the six principles and practices of art as tools to apply to living the 12 hoops of the world from the perspective of the artist within us all.

Sunday June 7th we welcomed Chris Holland, Jonathan Vanvalin, and Gloria Kempton sharing "A Course In Miracles." Chris, Gloria, and Jonathan also shared about the Reality of the Golden Rule in the Course. All are invited to join Chris, Gloria, and Jonathon in an ongoing study of the Course in the Healing Room on the first and third Tuesday evenings each month beginning around 7:00pm.

Sunday May 3rd we welcomed Ruth Ann Lonardelli, sharing "Inscendence!"
Ruth Ann gave a glimpse of the Pagan Christ through story and deep consideration of "inscendence" - ecotheologian Thomas Barry's word capturing a sense of transcendence inherent in all of life.
Ruth Ann Lonardelli is co-founder and spiritual leader of Unity Center of Peace in Woodinville. 

Sunday April 5th we celebrated this important holy day by exploring the Christian Message of Easter with Ritual inspired by Orthodox tradition and deep conversation shared with Ann Holmes Redding, Rabbi Ted Falcon, and Imam Jamal Rahman.

Sunday March 1st we welcomed interfaith activist and author Ruth Broyde Sharone sharing "...Why God and Allah Need to Talk." Here are two links to youtube videos with Ruth Broyde Sharone and Noor-Malika Chisti entitled: "A Muslim / Jewish Dialogue in Difficult Times."
Part I
Part II 

Sunday February 1st, Interfaith Community Sanctuary, working with Compassion Games Seattle, Compassionate Seattle, NICO, and URI, joined the world in launching the United Nations’ World Interfaith Harmony Week through interfaith worship. For this worship service we brought many friends together in a spirit of celebration and harmony. Friends include Ann Holmes Redding, Rabbi Ted Falcon, Imam Jamal Rahman, Jon Ramer, John Hale … music was shared by Suniai and Jon. Friends brought cans of soup for the Souper Bowl 2015 Compassion Games Challenge. 

2014 "Honoring the Guest ~ Interfaith Worship Series:" 

First Sunday Guest Worship Presenters and the date of their visit can be viewed below.
(Message titles, description and short bios arriving soon.)

January 5th – Interfaith Community Sanctuary annual intention setting worship service

February 2nd  – Mevlevi 
Order of America Seattle Circle share “Zikr of Presence” 

March 2nd –--  Mevlana Sufi Ensemble shares "Integrity as a Dervish Practice."
Timothy Kinsella, Jason Bennett, Michael Douglas, Karen Lindquist.

April 6th  –  Ann Holmes Redding Abrahamic Reunion West

May 4th  – Swami Brahmatmananda Vedanta Society "Why Aren't We Illumined?"

June 1st – Moss McGill Circle of Coll Seed Group (The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids)  "A Druidic Ceremony of Healing and Fairy Spirit"

July 6th – Jamila Donna Crews Finney "Selfless Service Serves Us Also."
Donna Jamila Crews received a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Healing & Peacemaking from the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism.  She may be reached through e-mail:
 Boomer Women Bucket List

August 3rd – Doug BannerStoryTeller: "How I learned to live the Red Road: Walking The Path of Honor."

September 7th – Dr. Timothy P. Kinsella, Emine Meg Savlov, Michael Douglas
"Journey with the Psalms" Mevlana Sufi Ensemble

October 5th – Joshua John-Otto Liljenstolpe Order of St. Francis

November 2nd -- Monica Schley (harppoet) "Guided Meditation with Harp" 

Monica will play harp for 40 minutes in a guided meditation focusing on each of the 7 chakras and in relation to the 7 notes of the Western scale. Mudras (hand yoga), affirmations and imagery will also be used in this guide through attunement as I simultaneously play electro-acoustic harp with looping and effects.

December 7th -- Rev. Judith Laxer "The Deep Peace of Winter" Gaia's Temple

Honoring the Guest”
 is the interfaith ministry of  Rev. Karen Lindquist 
and is co-sponsored with The United Religions Initiative local Cooperation Circles,
 Interfaith Community Sanctuary and The Interfaith Network

Each year, since April 1998, Interfaith Community Sanctuary has welcomed guests into our worship services to share the beauty, love, prayer, scripture, spiritual practices and teachings of their traditions. Through this collective experience we benefit deeply through being in one another’s presence, and over time we develop lasting friendships as individuals and community to community. Together we find our intersection of agreement, respect our differences and share an appreciation of the Divine Mystery that infuses all our lives.

Join us in this exploration and discover more about yourself, others, and about diverse ways of worshiping.

"Honoring the Guest ~ Interfaith Worship Series" is the inspiration and ministry of Rev. Karen Lindquist, co-founder Interfaith Community Sanctuary. All presenters share from the heart without financial compensation. We are grateful for their time, energy, talent and enthusiasm to serve the Divine and for allowing us to drink from the eternal wisdom of their tradition. If you are interested in sharing your tradition with us, know that we plan many months to a year ahead.  Contact us at 206.783.1618.

Download .pdf booklet of all 2013 guest worship presenters here.


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