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Our Spiritual Discernment for 2016 is:
"Spiritual Permaculture: Coming into Deeper Relationship with Earth"
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Sunday Worship

First Sunday: Honoring the Guest
Sep 04, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Honoring the Guest ~ Interfaith Worship Series
Exploring Diverse Faith and Spiritual Traditions

Spiritual Hygiene – Ancient Healing Wisdom
with Eriko Rowe 

I’ll tell you the secret.
Miracles happen when your mind shifts 
from You Wei (everything) to Wu Wei (emptiness)
                  —Lü Dongbin, Tang Dynasty Taoist Scholar

Native American Ways, Shinto (Japan’s indigenous religion), and Taoism, these seemingly unrelated ancient spiritual traditions share some important central themes. One is the idea that people are not separate from their environment but part of nature’s web. Another is that an invisible subtle energy (spirit, Ki, or Qi) is our true nature. In this view, living beings, the natural elements, such as wind, fire, earth, metal and water, and the whole universe, are all connected in a vast energetic field. Building on these ideas, each of these traditions developed unique healing practices that focus on spiritual hygiene to restore integrity and balance in each person’s body, mind, and spirit.

Eriko Rowe, originally from Japan is a journalist, documentary producer, energy healer and certified Yi Ren Qigong instructor.

Second Sunday: Universal Worship
Sep 11, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

In the Universal Worship, we turn toward the source of all spiritual revelation and let it shine into ourselves, our communities, and our world. Honoring all the wisdom traditions of humanity equally, we join in an ongoing cosmic celebration with all of creation, from the mineral to the angelic. 

The Universal Worship recognizes that all religions originate in the same Truth. All of the great teachers and prophets have reflected this truth to humanity in their own way. The same power that inspired them continues to move through and guide our own lives. Read more here.

Messages, Music, Readings and Ritual for our Universal Worship services in 2016 will be focused upon the spiritual discernment of the year, Spiritual Permaculture: Coming into Deeper Relationship with Earth. Read more here

Universal Worship at ICS is shared by Cherags Michael Douglas, Karen Lindquist and Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas.


Third Sunday: Imam Jamal Rahman
Sep 18, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Sunday September 18th:  “Bringing Healing and Reconciliation to Shia and Sunni Disharmony” 

Following the InterSpiritual Community Summit (9/17) and the focus on Healing Broken Relationships, Imam Jamal Rahman invites Sister Faiza Sultan and Brother Hussam Farez to join him in offering the morning Message Sunday September 18th  to foster healing and reconciliation between two denominations of Islam, the Sunni and Shia traditions.  

Music: to be announced

Our monthly community POTLUCK luncheon follows the morning worship. Please bring a prepared dish to share.

Fourth Sunday: InterSpiritual Worship with Rev. Karen Lindquist
Aug 28, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

"Human Spiritualization"
Exploring Two Questions at the Fulcrum of Self Worth and Universal Connection. Rev. Steve Crawford will join Rev. Karen Lindquist for this worship service to offer his wisdom and insight and the morning Message.


Our spiritual discernment for the month of August — as part
of our year long exploration of Spiritual Permaculture: Coming into Deeper Relationship with Earth is: Integrate rather than segregate: By putting the right things in the right place, relationships develop between those things and they work together to support each other.

Rev. Steve Crawford is a long standing member of "The Interfaith Community Sanctuary".  He is a co-founder of "Living Interfaith Church"  in Lynnwood, Wa.  He has been interested in the interconnection of all life since he first experienced a glimpse of  it as a small boy wandering alone in nature.

Rev. Karen  Lindquist is co-founder & co-minister of Interfaith Community Sanctuary.

Fifth Sunday: Associate Ministers
Oct 30, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Celtic_Tree.jpgOur fifth Sunday worship services in 2016 will be co-created with Associate Ministers Sibyl Lundy, Linda Stern and David Heitmiller. Dates in 2016: January 31st, May 29th, July 31st, Ocober 30th.

Archival info from our services in 2016:
Sunday January 31st we celebrated the goddess Bridget and the return of spring!

Sunday May 29th we explored "Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent ~ Honoring the Resources of the Universe."


Sunday July 31st we explored the monthly discernment "Design from Patterns to Details" from a Buddhist perspective with Rev. Sibyl Lundy. We included spiritual practices, Walking Meditation, Tonglen, and the chant: Om Mani Padme Hum.