Interfaith Community Sanctuary
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Sunday Worship

First Sunday
Aug 03, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Honoring the Guest ~ Interfaith Worship Series presents:
Welcome StoryTeller Doug Banner
sharing SilverSong Belcourt's inspiration
"The Sacred Hoops of Honor Day."

First Sundays is our "Honoring the Guest ~ Interfaith Worship Series."  This series is the interfaith ministry of Rev. Karen Lindquist and has been offered since 1998. It  is co-sponsored with two United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circles, "Interfaith Community Sanctuary" and "The Interfaith Network" TIN Facebook page.

Second Sunday
Aug 10, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Universal Worship
In the Universal Worship, we turn toward the source of all spiritual revelation and let it shine into ourselves, our communities, and our world. Honoring all the wisdom traditions of humanity equally, we join in an ongoing cosmic celebration with all of creation, from the mineral to the angelic. 
The Universal Worship recognizes that all religions originate in the same Truth. All of the great teachers and prophets have reflected this truth to humanity in their own way. The same power that inspired them continues to move through and guide our own lives. Read more here.

Universal Worship at ICS is shared by Cherags Michael Douglas, Karen Lindquist, Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas, Linda Stern, Vanessa Newell.

Third Sunday
Jul 20, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Jamal Rahman shares about  'Selfless Service and Justice' with guest Ann Paxton El-Moslimany. Quranic recitation will be shared by Uways Abdul-Quddus.

Our monthly community POTLUCK will follow the morning worship for those not fasting for Ramadan..

Music will be share by Birgit and Phil of Folk Voice Band.

Fourth Sunday
Jul 27, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

"Polishing Ourselves to Serve Others" with Anita Mammoser

Clarity_of_Spring_cropped.pngAll of the major religions encourage service to others. What does service from a spiritual perspective look like?  How can we benefit from our service?  

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. “   ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Anita Mammoser has been a participant of the Interfaith Community Sanctuary for over ten years, serving at one time as the secretary for the guiding council.  She uses spiritual practices from a variety of traditions in her daily life and works as a nurse at Harborview Medical Center.   

Music shared by Tim Hulley, MA, CMP 
(Certified Music Practitioner, Music and Healing Transition Program,  
trained to play live music by the bedside of those who are ill or in transition.) Tim has been playing the folk harp for nine years, and specializes in improvisation and playing music by ear, supplemented by a solid understanding of foundational music theory. He is also adept at playing music that matches the desired mood or ambience of many different situations. Visit his website: Tim Hulley Heartstrings Healing.

About "Clarity of Spring" Mandala: This simple and elegant mandala represents the greater consciousness of our spiritual intuition and strength allowing us to unfold our ability to see the world with new eyes of discernment and clarity.  It requests guidance from the spirit and celebrates our existence, blossoming into new forms, in turn gaining deeper understanding of our purpose. Created by Shabeena at Inspire Me Mandalas.

4th Sunday worship services in 2014 are shared by Rev. Karen Lindquist, community members, and Associate Ministers (Sibyl Lundy, Linda Stern, David Heitmiller.)

Fifth Sunday
Aug 31, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

HeartSongs is co-created through the presence and energy of all gathered. Together we weave an uplifting and sacred space. In this unique worship service we invite congregants to participate spontaneously during the ‘Sharing Our HeartSongs’ segment within the service. You may desire to simply be silent, present and contemplative, or, to offer your unique and personal "heartbeat" of inspiration through sharing a short song or chant, story or poem. 

tm sm.jpgHeartSongs is facilitated by musician celebrant Tim Malone, M.Div  and members of Interfaith Community Sanctuary. Together we set the atmosphere / ambiance so any and all of us feel safe to sing, to speak from our hearts." Tim may be reached at,