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Our Spiritual Discernment for 2017 is:
Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism
as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh
Read more here.

Sunday Worship

First Sunday: Honoring the Guest
Feb 03, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Honoring the Guest: Interfaith Worship Series
Exploring Diverse Faith & Spiritual Traditions

Sunday December 3rd:
“A Celebration of Love ~ Through Song, Story, & Poetry”


During the month of December we complete our year focused upon the Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism with the concentration upon “True Love.” Friends, members, and invited guests will share artistic expressions of Love for the Divine, for Creation, for another.

Read more about this worship service and all of our guest worship services  here.

Second Sunday: Universal Worship
Dec 10, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

In the Universal Worship, we turn toward the source of all spiritual revelation and let it shine into ourselves, our communities, and our world. Honoring all the wisdom traditions of humanity equally, we join in an ongoing cosmic celebration with all of creation, from the mineral to the angelic. 

The Universal Worship recognizes that all religions originate in the same Truth. All of the great teachers and prophets have reflected this truth to humanity in their own way. The same power that inspired them continues to move through and guide our own lives. Read more here.

Messages, Music, Readings and Ritual for our Universal Worship services in 2017 will be focused upon the spiritual discernment for the year "Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism." Read about our past discernments here

Universal Worship at ICS is shared by Cherags Michael Douglas, Karen Lindquist and Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas.


Third Sunday: Imam Jamal Rahman
Nov 19, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

"It's All About Love"


Read more about Imam Jamal Rahman here and here.

Our monthly community POTLUCK luncheon follows the morning worship. Please bring a prepared dish to share. 

Fourth Sunday: InterSpiritual Worship with Rev. Karen Lindquist
Dec 24, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

“Holy Sophia’s Healing Touch”

On this Christmas Eve Day, we offer a healing service which will include a unique community Communion experience.

Send forth Thy holy angels so that these Thy creatures who come seeking Thee may know Thy healing touch of restoration and the grace and comfort of the most holy Sophia. 

May the Heavenly Graces bestowed by the Holy Sophia, and the touch of that Great Mystery which links you to the heart of God, remain alive within you; May the Divine Sparks of Light be liberated in you; And may the Joy of the Heavens resound throughout the worlds. AMEN. AMEN. AMEN!

Our spiritual discernment for the month of December as part of our 2017 exploration of Engaged Buddhism taught by Thich Nhat Hanh is "True Love."  Learn more here

Rev. Karen Lindquist is an interfaith minister, spiritual director, and co-founder of Interfaith Community Sanctuary where she serves as co-minister and Interfaith Worship Coordinator. She is an initiated teacher in the Mevlevi Order of America, the Sufi tradition of Rumi, and a Cherag of the Universal Worship in The Inayati Order: A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty. She works with many organizations and faith communities to create interfaith events and opportunities for dialogue, interfaith worship and celebration. Read more here


Fifth Sunday: Associate Ministers
Jan 31, 10:00 AM
Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Fifth Sunday worship services in 2017 will be co-created with Associate Ministers Sibyl Lundy, Linda Stern and David Heitmiller, Emeritus.

10:00 am Sunday December 31 "True Love."

Aware that sexual desire is not love and that sexual relations motivated by craving cannot dissipate the feeling of loneliness but will create more suffering, frustration, and isolation, we are determined not to engage in sexual relations without mutual understanding, love, and a deep long-term commitment made known to our family and friends. Seeing that body and mind are one, we are committed to learning appropriate ways to take care of our sexual energy and to cultivating loving kindness, compassion, joy and inclusiveness for our own happiness and the happiness of others. We must be aware of future suffering that may be caused by sexual relations. We know that to preserve the happiness of ourselves and others, we must respect the rights and commitments of ourselves and others. We will do everything in our power to protect children from sexual abuse and to protect couples and families from being broken by sexual misconduct. We will treat our bodies with compassion and respect. We are determined to look deeply into the Four Nutriments and learn ways to preserve and channel our vital energies (sexual, breath, spirit) for the realization of our bodhisattva ideal. We will be fully aware of the responsibility of bringing new lives into the world, and will regularly meditate upon their future environment.


Our spiritual discernment for 2017 is the Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism developed by Thich Nhat Hanh. During the month of December we focus upon "True Love."  

"We are made of light. We are children of light.
We are sons and daughters of the Sun." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh